Monday, November 14, 2011

Dresses + Cardigans = Toastie!

The temperatures are slowly dropping here on the east coast and what better way to add a little pop of color to your bridal style with a cardigan (plus it will keep you or your bridal party toastie during those chilly spring and fall evenings!) This is such a chic way to add a feminine, flirty, yet casual feel to your wedding day and to incorporate your wedding colors. Can't get past the idea of wearing a cardigan during your ceremony? Consider adding this accessory after your ceremony and once you have finished with the formal family pictures. Include these in your playful pictures of just the bride and groom, or even with your gals! Thinking  of including your bridesmaids into the mix? Well here at LovelyGirls, we think it works best  if you use the same style cardigan for bridesmaids who are wearing different dresses, or vice versa; if the bridesmaids are all wearing the same style dress then have suggest they get different style cardis in the same color (with specifications of course i.e. length). This will provide texture and depth to your pictures!

If you are looking for options, you can pretty much find cardigans anywhere and everywhere at your local retailers, but we just love the cardis offered by J.Crew. The "jackie" cardigan is our favorite and it comes in a range of eight to ten colors every season. Right now we are crushing on the burnished olive and the pacific color. If you think it breaks the budget just a little, you can also find similar styles at Target, but the color selection might be somewhat limiting. You can even check out Forever 21 or H+M (even for some leopard print styles!).

Friday, November 11, 2011

Vie by Cescaphe: Un-VIE-led!

Just the evening before, the LovelyGirls team had the opportunity to attend the Vie  by Cescaphe showcase and catch up with the gals from Beautiful Blooms. One word. Stunning. And of course here are a few more... beautiful, elegant, modern, tasteful, and every bit of a venue that we thought it might be. The Cescaphe Event group has outdone thsemselves again. Liza and I are so fortunate to have been given the opportunity by our lovely couple, Eneida and Jason, to work there next June! Vie is located at 600 N. Broad St in Philadelphia. Did we mention that the venue can accommodate up to 600 guests? Must be something special with the number 600!

The decor that evening was brilliantly done by the Beautiful Blooms team and no detail went unturned. The venue was set for 225 guests with a mix of rounds, long family style tables, and a sweetheart table (that we will spill the secrets on later). The white chiviari chairs and black cushions (however, could have easily have been navy blue) contrasting against the gray silk linens, mirrored vases, candlelight, and  layers of  multiple height centerpieces adorned with white textures of hydrangea, orchids, peonies, and garden roses only rose to the occasion of the floor length drapery and white chandeliers.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the perfect duo: kraft paper + bakers twine

Do you remember the days when youwould go to the grocery store and they would ask you if you wanted paper orplastic? Well, I do, and I am thirty. I cannot imagine that many of you are toofar behind me, but if so bare with me! Well those paper bags that they used tobag our groceries are what many brides and couples are now using for their invitations; it’s called kraft paper. They tend to use more of a stock for theinvitations, but none the less, it is a brown paper and I am in love for its many uses: invitations, escort cards, packaging, favors, gift tags, and etc. We adore its vintage, shabby chic, and romantic feel that it brings to weddings worldwide. Most of the fonts are done in whites, metallics, or black for visibility. We just are just loving the white fonts paired with hints of lace. 

Once you have designed your invitation set add a touch of whimsy with bakers twine. Bakers twine is no longer just for deciphering between "regular" and "no sugar added" treats from your local bakery or grocery store. Leftovers?  You can use any remaining bakers twine by hanging your escort cards, bookmarks, save-the-dates, favors, and packaging your bridal gifts that will become an instant hit that your guests will never want to open. We heart the bakers twine because it is available in array of colors and it helps to easily tie (get it?) in your wedding colors and theme with your stationery. You can find suppliers of kraft paper invitations, rolls of kraft paper,  and bakers twine on Etsy; most notably our favorite shop for bakers twine is the Twinery because they are a Philadelphia based company, and being as we are based in Delaware, we like to keep things local. We also love customer calligrapher Rachel Carl on Etsy as well. Decided to wrap your gifts in kraft paper? Next time you visit your local grocer, ask them for paper bags. They may look at you funny, but at least they would be free!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Metallic Pumpkins: Chevron + Gold

Im super in love with shades of gold and chevron patterns right now, and have been working them into my home over this past year. It came to no surprise to me when I started pinning metallic pumpkins on Pinterest when the fall season was approaching, so I guess you could say this was a Pinterest challenge of my own, but technically it was out of holiday laziness and decor friendliness!

My family actually went pumpkin picking a little late in the season this year... only a couple of weekends ago. But, my thoughts were clear... pick late and let them be used as double duty for Halloween and as close as I can get them to Thanksgiving. So far, so good! I picked out pumpkins,  birdhouse gourds, mini pumpkins, gourds, and cinderalla pumpkins (the white/ivory ones). I went for different sizes and types!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Babys Breath... a Wedding Budget Dream!

Boutonniere by LovelyGirls Events and photo by Sanderson Images

And a dream they are! When it’s come to wedding flowers, baby’s breath might just be the new carnation this past wedding season. Like carnations, baby’s breath is not exactly glamorous, but has a lovely fragrant scent. This seasonless flower available all year long has a reputation for being a cheapo filler flower, but en masses and monochromatic – stunning! This stand alone flower is now used for wreaths, bouquets, boutonnières, ceremony décor, event décor, and beautifully staged tablescapes. You will find blogs nationwide showcasing this trend that has seem to take over the hearts of the vintage inspired bride.
Just this past fall, the event in Philadelphia used baby’s breath throughout the event; staged in beautiful urns on pedestals and on small cocktail tables as centerpieces! At around $4.00 for 10 stems (in Delaware), you could get a bouquet and about 3-5 boutonnieres for your bridal party. It is a wedding budgets dream! We just used baby’s breath in Jess and Bryans wedding for the boys’ boutonnières and secured them with twine. It was the perfect vintage pairing that the couple was seeking during their fall affair! In the winter, secure pomanders of babys breath above the dance floor in resemblance of snowy clouds... just add a dusting of sparkle with some glitter spray and you could also place bundles of baby’s breath in birch sleeves for the perfect wintry feel!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

One Love: Fresh off the Press Release

Lovely Girls Events & BG Productions Offer Free Same Sex Civil Union Ceremony: ONE LOVE Couple Contest Winners and Others to take part in January 7th Group Ceremony

(October 17, 2011—Wilmington, DE) To celebrate the implementation of the same sex civil union law in Delaware, all engaged gay, lesbian and transgender couples are invited to take part in ONE LOVE on Saturday, January 7, 2012, at 7pm at the Delaware Art Museum. ONE LOVE is a series of activities that culminates in a collective same sex civil union ceremony that will solemnize the legal union of any gay, lesbian or transgender couples who have obtained a Delaware civil union license and registered to participate. As part of ONE LOVE, the guests of each couple will be able to share in the joy of not just one, but multiple, unions and meet representatives from businesses that welcome the LGBT community with open arms. Among the couples taking part in the ONE LOVE Group Civil Union Ceremony will be three couples who have entered and won the ONE LOVE Couple Contest.

Monday, October 10, 2011

the new group shot: Heart Shaped!

If you are really looking to make art from your wedding day, we have found ourselves “pinning” heart group shots. Yes, we LOVE this new group shot trend because it is such a unique way to showcase your guests, and it will be something that you may actually want to include in your album from your photographer. Of course this type of thing is best done outside and may take a little bit of coordinating between your venue, photographer, and of course your coordinator. Here are some pointers in getting the shot of your dreams:

Thursday, September 29, 2011

chelsea + george | 5.28.11

The first time I ever met with Chelsea and George, I met them for a consultation at the University and Whist Club in the City of Wilmington. I had never been so impressed to be an invited to the members only club and then had the opportunity to dine with Chelsea, George, and Chelseas mother Melanie! Melanie and myself were enjoying trying the new fare that the chef was sending out to our table, and I enjoyed watching as Melanie ordered for both Chelsea and George, knowing what the both of them would want to order. She was the most gracious and attentive of mothers. And of course, Melanie and I were able to reap the benefits of keeping an open mind and enjoying the caviar on crisp wontons with mango since Chelsea and George would not even dare to sample. I knew we would enjoy ourselves during the planning process when they decided during dinner that LovelyGirls would have the opportunity to work with Chelsea and Georges family! I am so glad that we did.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Guest Post: how to choose your Wedding Photographer

We are so excited that today we have a guest post from Emily Troutman of Emily Troutman Photography. Ooooh.... her website is so cute and I am so glad that I get to gush about it here. Emily chooses to spend her days not only as a photographer, but as a mommy of three! She love spending time with her twins, 6 month old, and hubby, Matt. They love to go to the beach, head to the park, and pretty much anything else fun outdoors! As far as her photography goes, she loves to shoot on location with a classic feel. Emily loves working with beautiful natural light to illuminate her subjects and finding the right location for the subject makes all the difference. I loved reading what Emily had to say about choosing your wedding photographer, and could not wait to share it with our readers:

Monday, September 26, 2011

Outdoor Lawn Games... We do!

Summer is coming to an end, and the cooler temperatures have just started to take a turn for, shall we dare say it, comfortable. This is just around the time when I actually enjoy outside cocktail hours and watching the bride and groom from afar, especially the guests. Most often times they linger, and strike up casual conversation and often times find an excuse to go grab another cocktail and move onto the next guest. Why not turn up the FUN factor?
After watching so many outdoor cocktail hours at a distance, the one trend we have enjoyed (and even giggle at on occasion) is watching guests partake in interactive games on the lawn. Yes, you have read this correctly. Games. No, not the cheesy games that you dread when attending a baby or bridal shower (and even those haven’t been so bad as of late), but actual lawn games. Yes, the ones that you may find at a tailgate or even at a BBQ, but none the less... interactive and enjoyable to watch; even crowd pleasers! Think cornhole, horseshoes, bocce, and croquet. Black tie or khaki suited, we don’t mind if we do. It is a great way to entertain your guests and just another way to work your theme and colors into your wedding (think custom colored bean bags and silhouette painted boards!). We just adore these images shared by BG Productions from Marissa and Brians vintage wedding at the John J. Audubon Center this past season. Don’t forget to place Adirondack chairs for the spectators because we promise this will be a crowd pleaser! Enjoy the inspiration <3

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Obsessing over Dusty Miller

Between my new found love for pinterest and the current falling temperatures, I took a look back at my floral board after an evening of "pinning" and found that my last seven pins all had one thing in common... dusty miller. Talk about trending (without even knowing!). I find myself fascinated with the mixtures of monochromatic blush pinks, creams, and the grays of the dusty miller with the silver brunia; then I find I am drawn to more saturated combinations of jewel tones against the silvery tones of the dusty miller (perfect for the holidays!). I love when the dusty miller is accented with black privet berries or the silver brunia berry, as we always feel it lends a more modern feel to the arrangement. We love all of the bouquets below and we can't wait to share the bouquets from our wedding labor day weekend! Can we say dusty miller and black privet berries (courtesy  of Beautiful Blooms!)? We wish we could fit in all of the beautiful flowers that have inspired us, but we were afraid this might mean inspiration overload to our viewers :) I hope that one of these bouquets at least inspires you for the seasons ahead.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Late Night Treats and "Truckies"

I have a confession to make: I am a foodie. I have always liked the idea of candy and dessert bars as a favor, but I am absolutely in LOVE with late night treats being served to guests as a way to revamp and refuel their appetites for just a few more sets on the dance floor! If you think back to your single days, before you met the love of your life, you spent evenings out with the girls (or boys) dancing the night away and somehow always worked up an appetite (well at least I did!); Evenings ended up at the nearest diner, closest fast food restaurant, and if we were at the beach, then it was a late night at the pizza shop! Should your big party be any different? Well maybe a little... serve up your favorite late night snacks or treats in style before sending guests on their way (or to the after party of the after party!) And really who needs an  actual favor anyhow? Honestly (yes we are being real) we end up throwing about 25% of them away at the end of the event, and the other percentage gets stuck in a junk drawer to be thrown away 6 months down the road. So it has been decided... You are going to find the way to your guests’ heart through their tummy, but where do you begin? Check out these fun late night snacks and food trends I have lined up for you!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away

... come back after wedding season is over! With Hurricane Irene looming over us this upcoming weekend (and an earthquake behind us) what better way than to cheer up brides-to-be with some wellie, rain boot, and colorful umbrella inspiration? So far, August has proven to be one of our rainiest months, and with rain in the forecast for the next two weekends we couldn't help but put a little sunshine into your day! This is a great way to take control of your wedding pictures and incorporate your wedding colors into your photos! Cathie from the dynamic husband-wife photography duo of BG Productions says that "after a rain everything (including color) really pops outside. And remember, at the end of the day you are still married!". - We couldn't agree more!

If you are looking to keep things on the cheap and pressed for time, you can find these items at various retailers such as Target, Old Navy, and Walmart! If you have a little more time on your hands, then you may want to check out online retailers such as Zappos and Piperlime. Happy Shopping!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

In like with M-A-C-A-R-O-O-Ns and CakeBAR!

This weekend LovelyGirls was wedding-free, so we had the opportunity to set up a client meeting  for a bride and groom from Columbia, MD down in the first states', first town - Lewes Beach! Even though Delawares beach traffic is something to be reckoned with on the weekends, let alone a Saturday, I decided to make a day out of it and have my family join me and take in what the small beach town of Lewes had to offer. I am so glad we did. As they say, if there is no risk, there is no reward!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Watermelon: for the Cocktail Party!

The temperature may have dipped down this week, but our love for watermelon keeps getting hotter! An outdoor wedding during these hot summers months should definitely require working at least one of these delightfully chilled watermelon appetizers into your caterers menu. Paired with items such as goat cheese, mint, honey, balsamic, prosciutto, pico de gallo, red onion, and fruits of the season... how could you go wrong?

Watermelon Balsamic Cubes
"These watermelon balsamic cubes were just the right size, continued the somewhat elegance of the night, and yet gave it a casual, down-home tasty treat" is the perfect description by Chef Cathy Shambley of the Showfood Chef. Hosting a backyard summer soiree and in a pinch? Substitute the balsamic reduction for a creamy balsamic dressing!

We are even absolutely L-O-V-I-N-G its plated appearance... very modern, simple, and elegant. It will definitely hold its own during a formal cocktail hour!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Outdoor Ceremony Must: Beverage Station!

Holy heat wave!...  So thankful that is over with (for now). Those high 90's and low 100s' temperatures made us thirsty, so we put together a few options to keep you hydrated, and your guests hydrated as well during the high temps in the summer months.

Having an outdoor ceremony? Make sure not to leave your guests parched. Provide a beverage station complete with beverage dispensers of iced tea, mint infused lemonade, bottles of Pellegrino, or a tub filled with chilled bottles of water. Wanna go the extra mile? Try things like cucumber mint water, watermelon mint water, or even lemon basil water. Just make sure to let the fruits and herbs soak for 6-8 hours before the ceremony to let the water take in all of the robust flavors. Wa la... a refreshing beverage for your guests and no one will pass out ( just make sure the bridal party does not lock their knees!).

Want to keep the lines down during cocktail hour? Try this take on "Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue" for a self-serve beverage station taken from our couple Kara + Marc. Something Old: Mojito, Something New: Lychi Martini, Something Borrowed: Grandmothers' secret Sangria recipe, and Something Blue: Blue Margarita. Beats guests having to wait in those long bar lines during cocktail hour if you ask me!

Make sure to have signage letting guests know that they can serve themselves. Want to personalize it just a bit? Try personalized cocktail napkins, mason jars, and maybe some paper straws. Don't forget to leave a trash can for recyclable water bottles, paper cups, and napkins... and inconspiculously if you ask me.

Friday, July 15, 2011

devon + ethan | 5.07.11

Devon and Ethan were such a great couple to work with over the course of their planning! I had known Ethan through a friend of a friend, who had a friend from around ten years ago... you know the story! So, we were thrilled when Ethan introduced us to his bride-to-be and said they needed a little extra help having things come together.  They held their ceremony at the Golden Sands Club in Ocean City Maryland the weekend of May 7th, and had a theme of black and white damask print with touches of hot pink in their bouquets, floral centerpieces, and even in the bridesmaids shoes! To bring in touches of the beach into the reception, Devon wanted to incorporate fuchsia orchids and river rocks with some floating candles into centerpieces.

It was such a beautiful weekend, and Liza and I spent most of our first evening in our hotel room stripping roses and making bouquets. The morning however... wow, we had the most spectactular view of the sunrise over the ocean and then it was off to get some DD to keep our day going strong, as we had a 9:30am start time. We really heart long days that start with extremely beautiful visuals! Devon and Ethans ceremony was  in the sand on the clubs grounds, but as the sun started to set behind the condos, so did the temperature, so the cocktail hour was quickly moved up and into the reception space. The team at the Golden Sands did a great job of getting set up very quickly and getting the party started. We had the pleasure of working with Teri Pozniak of tPoz Photography, and she was a blast all day and evening! She kept it light and fun and was able to catch some great shots of Devon and Ethan that you can check out here:

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

turning the "Dirty" Thirty!

August twenty-second is fastly approaching which means that I will be turning thirty in just two months. Oddly, I am embracing it with open arms and honestly, turning twenty-nine was really the bummer. I mean honestly... twenty nine? What fun is in twenty-nine? I would rather go around and tell everyone that I am already thirty (and to some I have... sorry!). My twenties were filled with great times, awesome friendships, and some stories that I would rather just forget (yes, there are quite a few of those!). I am really just ready to embrace thirty with huge open arms... giving up the bar scene and hangovers and now enjoying sushi and wine dinners and front porch happy hours with friends. I am so happy with where I am at in life and really just enjoying the past two years with LovelyGirls grow. Yes, my twenties came with some regrets, but I consider them hiccups and learning curves... But I am also embracing the LOVE that I shared during those times!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

katie + chris | 4.9.11

I was so thrilled when a previous little league teammate of mine, Katie, reached out to me to help plan her wedding last summer. Katie and her fiance, Chris, had been winners of the 2010 Christiana Hilton Free Wedding Giveaway where they won a variety of services by some of Delawares talented local vendors! We were a little late to the punch, but we were so excited for the opportunity that Katie and Chris were extending to us, and the new vendor relationships that we would be forging! Katie and Chris held their ceremony at the St. Margaret of Scotland RC Church, with the reception following in the Christiana Ballroom at the Christiana Hilton, and after party in the Hunt Club! I could not imagine any other way to kick off our 2011 wedding season. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Yandell!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Parson Desk Redo: Take Two!

Where do I begin? I heart it! So, it has taken me about three weeks, four coats of ultra white Behr paint, touch up paint because I was impatient, two coats of a polyacrylic (?) for protection because I was impatient, some new hardware, and a can of gold spray paint for the hardware... but its now complete! If you are just joining us and you have no idea what I am talking about... I just recently inherited "my new PARSONS desk!", and it was going to need a complete redo. And yes, I do consider paying $25.00 for this desk the same as inheriting. It was basically a steal! Check out some images below of it placed in my home:

Thursday, May 26, 2011

DIY: Tissue Paper Lantern

Martha Stewart does it again... First the tissue hanging pom fad (which we love), and now this amazing Tissue Paper Petal Lantern that closely resembles a peony flower just before bloom! And if that was not enough, these masterpeices only take about thirty minutes each. If you have not picked up your Martha Stewart Living Spring June '11 Issue, then do not worry, we have the complete how-to here :

Tools and Materials:    Double Sided Tape

5" Tissue Paper Circles in Pastel + Primary, $6 for 480,

Wire-frame Spherical Paper Lantern, $3.25 to $4.25 for 14-18",

Martha Stewart even offered up the ideas of creating an ombre pattern (gradations of the same color), or even using round green tissue paper at the top for the illusion of berries! We honestly cannot wait for the opportunity to use these at our next event... whether it is a shower, wedding, or 30th Birthday Party (hint hint - that's right, mine is coming up soon!)

Monday, May 16, 2011

my new PARSONS desk!

Okay, so in my continued effort to move away from working out of my dining room and into my currently "under renovation" office, I just purchashed my favorite piece of furniture that I came upon on a whim! The Parsons Desk.... a "versatile 1930s icon - crisp, clean, and modern." Ta da...

I know, I know... in all of her glory, she just isnt much to look at yet, but believe me she will be! For $25.00 I am pretty happy with my find... especially compared with the $199 and up prices that I see at West Elm and World Market. Even cooler, the front drawer slides out so that I can hide my laptop when it is not in use, and store paper on one side, and miscellaneous items on the other. I will be refinishing her in a nice white gloss coat of paint after I sand her finish off. I havent decided if I should change out the hardware to a tassle knob (or other modern piece) or should I just fill in the holes with wood filler and just have no knobs like all of the pictures below. Thoughts? Check out my inspiration on other parsons desks around the web:

Come back in a week to check on her progress... I'm gonna name her Parson! - NB

nicole brennan  .  302.545.0412  .  .  wilmington

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day of Coordinator vs. On-Site Coordinator

Nicole ready to send Kara down the aisle
Not too long ago we had a potential bride who had inquired about our day-of coordinating package. We we very happy to speak with her in regards to all of her wedding details, style, theme, and what she was looking for in her wedding day. We then went over in detail all of our packages so that she could choose which package she felt would be best suited for her needs and gave her time to discuss it with her groom-to be. After a week went by, she kindly followed up and stated that "I really enjoyed talking with you and was very impressed by the services you offered.  Unfortunately, at this time, I think I am going to hold off on hiring a wedding planner.  When I met with the caterer this weekend to discuss menu planning, I was informed that the venue/caterer provides an on-site coordinator as part of the package."   Fail.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cake Pops Tutorial

I see these cute cake pops all over great blogs such as Amy Atlas, Bakerella, and a personal favorite, Couture Parties by Stephanie Grimm, and trust me many, many more... but when Stephanie shared her cake pop recipe and then asked her readers to share their attempts, I decided "why not?". I had a little extra time on my hands this past weekend (who are we kidding?) and a fondue pot in the attic that was getting a little dusty. I thought that this would make for a great day activity with the kids, and by day, yes we mean all day! It was great because the kids are able to participate in little spurts, so when they get bored they run off to play, and then join in the for the next step when called upon. Alright ladies, and gents... pull up you your sleeves because you are about to get dirty! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Office Renovations... have begun!

I know that I can honestly say that we are all really excited for the office remodeling to begin! Here is a re-cap... I am taking my 15'x23' attic space which is partially redone, and making into a fabulous office space for LovelyGirls to collaborate amongst each other and offer it as a meeting space for clients until we decide to open up shop; One where all of the home decor bloggers will be drooling over once the space is finished!

The winding staircase would be more functional  if it boasted a wider entrance than the 2.5 feet wide dimensions, but 2.5ft could even be stretching it! There will be very little assembled furniture headed up the staircase, more like boxes and boxes of Ikea and target furniture. I have managed to fit a desk up into the office that I plan on breathing a little bit of life into.

But imagine, a nice fresh clean coat of white paint on the side walls and on the underneath of the steps. The wood grains will shine through on the top of the step with a deep, dark black walnut stain (just like the rest of our home). The eventual plan will to have a frosted glass door at the base of the steps for some privacy. In the mean time, a fresh coat of paint will have to do on the current door that is original to our 1937 colonial duplex home. I have thought long and hard, and have decided that for the time being, the wood banister at the top will stay, some minor changes, but it will keep with the rustic aspects of the original wide plank flooring that that we plan to refinish.

If I had to answer what my favorite part of the remodel would be after it is all finished, I would have to admit, my little nook near the window which I plan on wallpapering and hanging a pendant lamp over my desk. The big debate is to face my desk at the window and enjoy the natural sunlight, or have my desk face the room taking in all of the beautiful hard work and decor geniusness after it is all finished. Here is a list of some of the projects that are on the "honey-do" list:

  • paint all walls and ceiling white, keeping the original red brick on the wall
  • re-do trim around new windows.
  • wall paper little nook with floral wallpaper around windows
  • pendant lamp in nook over desk
  • trim all around the floor base
  • refinish wide plank flooring
  • solution for attic doors (still at a loss)
  • replace hideous ceiling fan with track lighting
  • replace all outlets and outlet covers
  • buy new furniture (ummm... yay!)
  • ... TBD. I'll have to let you know!
I would say half of the battle was to cleaning  out the cross space areas in the attic which were cluttered with old metal mini blinds, huge mirrors, and soccer pads from the previous owner. <-- Yes Really! Then we went through and organized all of the apothecary jars, vases, pictures frames, cupcake stands, vase fillers, and etc. for LovelyGirls into one corner. The other corners, well they are a mix of Steelers memorabilia, miscellaneous furniture pieces, pillows, and yes, sad to say, a brand new box of Calphalon pots and pans that we haven't used yet. Its bitter sweet!

Here is the proposed layout that I designed with the Ikea Planner services for offices (I can now only find kitchen + wardrobe planners now). I did this over a year ago, so some of our furniture selections have changed in the mean time! We will of course have a meeting area, desk space, a media area for fax machines, paper, and printers, and then the Ikea Expedit bookcase for files and to display some featured rental pieces.

We can't wait to share the before and afters. In the mean time, enjoy some of the "before" pictures of the space! It is going to be so great, and we really cannot wait to showcase it! :)

Below is the small corner in the attic that I am currently working out of. Trust me, it is better than being in the dining room and living room at times, and it allows me to focus on clients and completing tasks that I have set aside for myself. The desk below is the desk that I plan on refinishing, and once painted white, I think it is going to look great against the dark walnut stained original plan flooring. This is also the area where I plan on locating our media station. In the mean time, I've got some painting to do this week... make sure to stop back by and monitor the progress!

nicole brennan  .  302.545.0412  .  . wilmington

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

guest blogger: Sparkles + Bling

Since we have been a little MIA on the blogging scene (renovations being completed), we reached out to bride, Christina Cameron, and asked her to share a DIY tutorial on the completely encrusted Swarovski crystal bridal shoes that she just completed in 16 hrs (if you do that math, that is four friday nights out with the girls you would be missing!). Completely worth it though... how amazing are they?

From Christina:

"I love sparkles and bling, so of course I had to incorporate that into my wedding theme! After seeing numerous celebrities like Beyonce' and Sarah Jessica Parker in their Christian Louboutins, I became obsessed! Unfortunately, Christian Louboutins come with a price tag of about $3,000.00 which is a tad over my wedding budget to say the least! After searching store after store for the perfect bridal shoes and coming up empty handed every time, I decided that if I couldn't find what I was looking for I would just make it! I did some research online, and found an awesome website to order supplies. From there I began the process of creating my dream wedding shoe."

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Marry Me Cupcakes... We do!

How cute are these conversation heart style cupcakes by Cupcake Kaboom? The MARRY ME cupcakes are perfect for the non-traditional groom-to-be who is looking to pop the question this Valentines Day, but just is not quite sure how to get down on one knee! You can ask her with 1, 2, or 4 cupcakes and starting at $3 a cupcake or $28/dozen dozen, we feel that is a steal (of course you will be stealing her heart too!).

We love the BE MINE cupcakes and the UR TO GOOD 4 HIM are a very tight 3rd! We have a few friends we would love to gift those too (whose men are undeserving of their awesomeness)!

Monday, February 7, 2011

DIY: Fluffy Lantern

So as I have been a little under the weather, I have taken to scouring lots of home decor and DIY blogs for my upcoming renovation. When I came across this lighting fixture made out of over 1200 Coffee Filters on the Parlour blog, I fell in love with the size and the texture. She orginally was inspired by the same lamp on the cover of Downtown Chic: Designing Your Dream Home: From Wreck to Ravishing. <--- sounds kind of like my home! Now, I just have to find the right place to put this... the office maybe? Here is a step-by-step tuorial just for you!


Paper Lantern Lamp
Glue Gun
over 1200 Coffee Filters

Friday, February 4, 2011

White by Vera Wang at Davids Bridal

If you ever wanted to say that you could wore a Vera Wang wedding gown, then your will get your chance starting February 11th, 2011 when the new WHITE by Vera Wang bridal collection launches its debut in the Davids Bridal stores across the country! The collection of ten gowns ranges between $600 and $1400 with accessories starting at $58. It just so happens that I am in love with Style VW351010 which retails for $1200. It was LUST at first sight! What can I say? I still have expensive Vera Wang taste! Stop into your nearest Davids Bridal location to slip into one of these beautifully detailed dresses; with their drop wastes, hand-cut organza, and crystal sashes. In or near Wilmington? Stop into the Kirkwood Hwy location and ask for Trisha! Who knows? Maybe we will see you there. After all, a wedding planner needs to give her honest opinion, and what  better way than by trying on Vera!

nicole brennan  .  302.545.0412  .  .  wilmington

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

caitlin + rodney | 8.13.10

I knew Caitlin when we were in high school, but as the story goes, Caitlin joined the ARMY, fell in love with this great guy named Rodney while stationed in Iraq, and decided to marry. Classic story of girl meets boy, girl falls in love with boy, and boy proposes. But there is a twist! Caitlin and Rodney were married by proxy on September 11, 2008 while in Iraq so that they could continue to serve their deployment together. Proxy meaning that while they were in Iraq, there was a ceremony held in Montana and a couple (of whom they never met) stood in for each of them!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DIY: Photo Booth Wall

Never having been one to walk the straight line, I have always been inspired and intrigued by art, color, floral, and decor; Things that qualify as maybe just a little bit offbeat. When I came across all of these untraditional options for a make shift photo booth for guests at childrens parties and weddings, I could not help but share! How cute are they?  You might find familiar between all of the pictures the IKEA Ung Drill frame all varying in different shades of pink, orange, white, green, and black! We included a really great DIY Photobooth Wall from Ruffled. For $80.00, it might just peak your interest! Next week we will include templates for DIY Mustaches, Lips, Glasses, and etc!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

DIY: Valentines Day Freebies!

I LOVE just enjoying a lazy day of football and just perusing the internet and blogs for inspiration and ideas! This weekend I came across these really cute Valentines Day cards by 74 Lime Lane that were inspired by the WWII "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters!

And then there were these absolutely adorable mini Valentines Day cards by Style Crush that you can pass out to your co-workers or print up for the kiddies and send with them to their local gradeschool classroom! Download the PDF here and make sure to print in landscape mode.

Monday, January 17, 2011

DIY: Picture Frame Dry Erase Board

james wojcik
I am constantly taking mental notes of items I will need from the grocery store as I realize I am running low on something , but often times, I end up forgetting to put it on my list by the end of the week. I can never find a sticky note pad with a pattern that I feel is worth while to invest in, and if I do, I feel the need to buy the entire stock on the shelves. Of course, it will last me a long time, but it reminds me of when you run out of your favorite red lipstick, and just as conveniently your department store has stopped stocking it as well. So, when I came across this great DIY from for a dry erase board, I figured I would share it with you as well. An idea for a pretty dry erase board that serves as wall art when not in use. Now, that is right up my alley! One for the kitchen and one for the office, so how could I say no? I think they will even serve as great christmas gifts for next year, or even to be able to change out seasonally, or as my decor moods change. I will say that the DIY is pretty self explanatory, but I was gracious enough to include instructions :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

DIY: Felt Holly Corsage

For a playful nod to the traditional seasonal/holiday pin, try these cheerful corsages! Do not mistake, these are just not for the holiday season, as they can be used in any winter themed wedding or party.  They're easy enough for a child to make but sophisticated enough for her mom to wear! Once you gather your supplies, it's a snap to make multiple corsages in a single afternoon. You can use an assortment of trimmings: tiny glass ornaments, pom-poms, snipped pieces of tinsel, and velvet and silk ribbons to embellish ours, but you could also use buttons, beads, special fabric you've been saving, or antique milliner flowers found at a flea market.
Step 1
Print the template, and cut out. From a piece of felt, cut one 2 1/2-by-5-inch rectangle for each pair of leaves. Fold rectangle in half lengthwise.

Friday, January 7, 2011

We were a 2011 pick for the Knot Best of Wedding!

Yes, you read that correctly... LovelyGirls Weddings + Events was chosen as a 2011 pick for the Knot Best of Weddings! Honestly, when I received the email from on December 30th I honestly thought it was spam to my inbox. We just wrapped up our first official wedding season with all of our amazing couples, and we did not think it could have gone more amazing, but could we be so fortunate? Turns out we were! It took me a week to make the phone call because I just admired the email from my inbox. Finally I picked up the phone, dialed,  and spoke to JoAnne who represents the Knot in the Philadelphia/Delaware region and she said it was true. Yay! Who are we kidding?!?! We are jumping up and down with joy. Sushi anyone?!

So, to all our brides and couples, we want to THANK YOU! Because of the opportunity you had given our LovelyGirls to create and execute the wedding you had envisioned, in addition to the amazing reviews that you had given us, we could not have done this without you!

Curious to know what our brides and couples are saying? Check out the reviews they are leaving here! Keep a lookout, because will be posting their "Best-of" section on January 21st, and you will be able to find LovelyGirls Weddings + Events listed. 

In the mean time, we are just going to give ourselves a pat on the back. It was an amazing first year, what else can we say?!

nicole brennan  .  302.545.0412  .  .  wilmington

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gray + White: Winter Glam Dinner

I have always bee a fan of modern. Modern meets old, modern meets bright, and modern meets rustic. Once, when I was younger, I thought I would really enjoy a log cabin in the middle of a large city, or a brownstone in the middle of the woods. I could never quite find the right explanation. However, in my search for the perfect winter inspiration, I found this great Winter Glam Table on Hostess with the Mostess. Chainlink fabric table runner, silver spray painted succulents, sparkly beaded napkin rings, white grapewood branches (also spray painted), and fluffy white floral arrangements embellished with dusty miller foliage for a festive, wintery vibe.

This "Rustic-meets-Modern" style from Carissa of JL Designs is fantastic (even if it is for a holiday party!). This could so double for a small winter wedding, bridal luncheon, or even a chic bridal or baby shower! Did we mention that this is very D-I-Y friendly?

“I found the gray & white chain link patterned fabric in the garment district in downtown LA. The silver “flowers” are actually succulents that I spray painted silver! Great diy idea for new years! I did something similar in gold for this Martha Stewart photo shoot – it’s super cheap & easy and adds that instant touch of glam to a party! I also spray painted grapewood branches white and accented them w/ the silver succulents." - Carrissa from JL Designs
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