Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Outdoor Ceremony Must: Beverage Station!

Holy heat wave!...  So thankful that is over with (for now). Those high 90's and low 100s' temperatures made us thirsty, so we put together a few options to keep you hydrated, and your guests hydrated as well during the high temps in the summer months.

Having an outdoor ceremony? Make sure not to leave your guests parched. Provide a beverage station complete with beverage dispensers of iced tea, mint infused lemonade, bottles of Pellegrino, or a tub filled with chilled bottles of water. Wanna go the extra mile? Try things like cucumber mint water, watermelon mint water, or even lemon basil water. Just make sure to let the fruits and herbs soak for 6-8 hours before the ceremony to let the water take in all of the robust flavors. Wa la... a refreshing beverage for your guests and no one will pass out ( just make sure the bridal party does not lock their knees!).

Want to keep the lines down during cocktail hour? Try this take on "Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue" for a self-serve beverage station taken from our couple Kara + Marc. Something Old: Mojito, Something New: Lychi Martini, Something Borrowed: Grandmothers' secret Sangria recipe, and Something Blue: Blue Margarita. Beats guests having to wait in those long bar lines during cocktail hour if you ask me!

Make sure to have signage letting guests know that they can serve themselves. Want to personalize it just a bit? Try personalized cocktail napkins, mason jars, and maybe some paper straws. Don't forget to leave a trash can for recyclable water bottles, paper cups, and napkins... and inconspiculously if you ask me.

Check out these other great takes on incorporating beverages into your wedding:

We are loving the triple use of these mason jars... escort cards, favors, and drinking glasses for the evening... just one way to go "Green" (and another way to ensure the favors do not end up in the junk drawer, just the cabinet!) 
"Your glass for the night for whatever tastes right!"

"Find your seat and down your drink"... a great way for guests to grab champage if they wish or toast with their beverage of choice!

Another great way to incorporate your colors into your wedding and doubling the refreshments as escort cards!

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