Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the perfect duo: kraft paper + bakers twine

Do you remember the days when youwould go to the grocery store and they would ask you if you wanted paper orplastic? Well, I do, and I am thirty. I cannot imagine that many of you are toofar behind me, but if so bare with me! Well those paper bags that they used tobag our groceries are what many brides and couples are now using for their invitations; it’s called kraft paper. They tend to use more of a stock for theinvitations, but none the less, it is a brown paper and I am in love for its many uses: invitations, escort cards, packaging, favors, gift tags, and etc. We adore its vintage, shabby chic, and romantic feel that it brings to weddings worldwide. Most of the fonts are done in whites, metallics, or black for visibility. We just are just loving the white fonts paired with hints of lace. 

Once you have designed your invitation set add a touch of whimsy with bakers twine. Bakers twine is no longer just for deciphering between "regular" and "no sugar added" treats from your local bakery or grocery store. Leftovers?  You can use any remaining bakers twine by hanging your escort cards, bookmarks, save-the-dates, favors, and packaging your bridal gifts that will become an instant hit that your guests will never want to open. We heart the bakers twine because it is available in array of colors and it helps to easily tie (get it?) in your wedding colors and theme with your stationery. You can find suppliers of kraft paper invitations, rolls of kraft paper,  and bakers twine on Etsy; most notably our favorite shop for bakers twine is the Twinery because they are a Philadelphia based company, and being as we are based in Delaware, we like to keep things local. We also love customer calligrapher Rachel Carl on Etsy as well. Decided to wrap your gifts in kraft paper? Next time you visit your local grocer, ask them for paper bags. They may look at you funny, but at least they would be free!

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Rachel Carl & CO. said...

thank you for writing about me:) I love the post!

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