Sunday, August 7, 2011

In like with M-A-C-A-R-O-O-Ns and CakeBAR!

This weekend LovelyGirls was wedding-free, so we had the opportunity to set up a client meeting  for a bride and groom from Columbia, MD down in the first states', first town - Lewes Beach! Even though Delawares beach traffic is something to be reckoned with on the weekends, let alone a Saturday, I decided to make a day out of it and have my family join me and take in what the small beach town of Lewes had to offer. I am so glad we did. As they say, if there is no risk, there is no reward!

After I dropped off my family off to the nearest beach, lathered them up in sunscreen, and helped them unload all of their beach neccessities, I  headed on my way to do a little sightseeing on my own before the meeting began at one of the towns newest bakeries (and bistro), CakeBAR! First of all... what a great little town full of amazing antique shops, boutique hotels, and eateries such as Agave, Buttery, and Kindle.

Yes, that is me taking the pictures in the reflection! - I can be adorbs :)
I finally stumbled upon CakeBAR after parking a few blocks away in a public parking lot, and I definitely was in LIKE at first sight! What a cute little place, that doubles as a bistro around the lunch crowd hits. As you walk in you are first met with cases filled with all sorts of confections... cakes, cookies, macaroons, pastries, and cupcakes. There are pink walls, black chandeliers, and cakes displayed on the walls; All tactfully done... not too girly where a gentleman would not feel comfortable upon arrival. But wait there is more, once you walk past the cases and the lovely staff, there is whole another room with a bar for cocktails and table for lunch and dinner with a full menu! There is even a window into the bakery so you can watch the staff hard at work bringing you fresh pastries and treats.

"Come for dessert, and stay for dinner" is definitely a motto that they have adopted and has held true with the guests. A little behind the scene info for Cake Bar is that it is owned by the same husband and wife duo behind award-winning SugarBakers Cakes (another 2011 Knot Best-of) out of Catonsville, MD.

Honestly, the employees must have thought I was a little crazy when I just started snapping shots of the cute little shop with my iPhone (sorry about that!), but I just could not get enough and I definitely had to share with our readers. Once my meeting was complete (good one at that!) I definitely stopped by the cases and picked a treat bag of raspberry macaroons. Now, I have never had a macaroon. I have always enjoyed the sight of macaroon cakes on blogs and the displays of macaroons on dessert bars, but I have never actually seen one, touched one, or tasted one, so I was super excited to finally get my teeny fingers on one of these delectable treats. I am so happy I did.... how amazing are they???? AMAZING! I really cannot wait until my next trip down to the Delaware beaches so that I can make it a regular on my things-to-do while at th beach!

So, I am on a need-to-know basis, and I need to know... do any of the northern bakeries in Delaware carry these fancy, dandy macaroon treats? I think I want some for my 30th Birthday! I have never come across any, but I haven't looked very far either.

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tPoz said...

While i haven't been to CakeBar....I know that Sugarbakers is my FAVVVVVEEEE!! I swoon when I hear that my bride & groom have chosen their signature raspberry cake! YUM.

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