I think I can plan the wedding myself, but a friend suggested I call a planner. Why should I use you?

Hiring a planner is the smartest decision you will make (and I've never heard anything to the contrary). You will still be able to plan the wedding yourself-you are not losing control of your wedding. Our viewpoint is that this is your wedding, not ours. We want to incorporate everything that is important and special to you, but we want to help you avoid costly mistakes or worse, hire a vendor that is not reputable or the best fit for your day. Plus, you get the added benefit of having less stress and more time in your day to enjoy the things that really matter.

My event site states that they already have an on-site coordinator, so why should I use you?

At a wedding or any other big event, it's important to have someone who can keep things on schedule. Even though many event spaces employ wonderful banquet managers, a planner that you have personally hired will have a deeper understanding of what you want, and what makes your event unique. A banquet manager is first and foremost the employee of the event space. We are an employee or yours.

How do you charge?

For our partial planning, month-of and day-of coordination services we charge a flat rate. For full planning services we start at a base rate and adjust from there depending on the size, scope, and budget of the event and individual needs of the client.
I am just starting to plan an event or wedding and I only want certain services. Can I book a partial planning package?

Our partial planning packages are intended for clients that have started planning on their own and have decided that they need guidance, professional advice, vendor referrals and less stress. At that point, we work with the plans that have already been made and fill in the blanks.
Will you accompany us to as many vendor meetings as we want? For example, three florists until we find the right fit?

When you book LovelyGirls Weddings & Events for full planning, we will accompany you to all of your initial vendor meetings. However, we must remind you that the purpose of working with a planner is to gain insight into the industry and to save time and energy from exhaustive vendor research. We are professionals that have spent years experimenting with various vendors until we've found the best of the best. Time after time our brides tell us that our vendors are top notch and we proudly agree. We call them our "Dream Team." If you trust your wedding consultant, there will be no need to visit more than one or two vendors to find the right fit for you.
Can you get me discounts from vendors?

The role of a consultant is to give the client the event/wedding that they want and work within the parameters of the budget. We do not typically get discounts from vendors, but we know where to save money and how to best allocate the funds. You are paying a consultant for their knowledge of the industry, their repertoire of quality vendors, their advice, support, and standards of excellence.
How many events/weddings will you book in one weekend?

One. We are dedicated to our clients and in order to make the event go off without a hitch, we need to be focused on one event at a time.
The venue that I'm getting married at told me I don't need a consultant. Why would they say this?

As with all types of vendors, sometimes venues have had bad experiences with wedding planners. This is usually due to the planner not being professional or respectful of other vendors or the property. We pride ourselves on working as well with the vendors as we do with our clients. These are folks that we will be working with time and time again and we foster strong business relationships.
Are initial consultations free? 
Yes. Our initial consultations typically run between one and two hours long and are complimentary.
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