Friday, December 31, 2010

DIY: Tinsel New Year's Number Banner

Got a little extra time between say now and midnight? Well these sparkly tinsel garlands make flashy party decor for New Year's Eve!

Don't pack up the Christmas decorations before you ring in the New Year. Sparkly tinsel garlands make flashy party decor. Here's how to turn the countdown into a glittery affair.

Make a Number Banner
Download the Martha Stewart "2011" template and print onto card stock. Cut out, and punch 2 small holes at the top of each numeral. String numbers onto a 2-yard length of ribbon. Use a hot-glue gun to attach a length of tinsel garland to each number, snipping ends. Hang with thumbtacks.

Read more at Tinsel New Year's Number Banner - Martha Stewart Crafts

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Currently Loving: Confetti Systems!

ahh, Holiday windows! Full of sugar, spice, and most everything nice! They sparkle, twinkle, and inspire delight. Have you seen J.Crew's delicious displays? They are masterminded by the talented team of Confetti System and make me want to pop a bottle in celebration of all the eye candy to behold!  I was first introduced to these pinatas and garlands in the J.Crew Holiday 2011 display windows at the Christiana Mall in Newark, DE... and I just thought they were amazing!  Its a sea of tinsil, snow, glitter and piñatas! I must admit that while the windows feel much more like New Years than Christmas, I find them quite refreshing. The color palate is not typical for J.Crew, and I love that they are taking chances and mixing it up. However, I am a little sad that they took them down before the NYE festivities.  P.S. It is a good thing we were able to snag a few of these for our own personal use :)

Confetti System has designed a modern collection of handmade piñatas ($140) created from shreds of mylar (metalized plastic sheeting) that are sleek enough to double as party decor, so let the kids have their papier-mâché.

Available in a range of metallics including silver, gold and quartz, the piñatas would add sparkle to any festive event especially New Year’s Eve.  Although they may seem to pretty to hit with a stick, the piñatas are filled with handmade confetti for those that choose to break them open.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Office Furniture + Decor... coming soon!

So, last week I was telling you about my office remodel, which I am super ecstatic about! A place where I am able to take clients other than meeting them in the hustle and bustle of coffee shops. Truly, I don't mind, however, I thoroughly enjoy putting out a spread of cheese, crackers, and having my own beverage bar available for whatever may quench their thirst! Plus, it will give me a little piece and quiet to work that doesn't consist of working in my dining room and shifting papers around. Seriously, I have a file organizer hiding behind my curtains for when company comes over. Did I mention the neighbors can see it from the outside? Lol. This will make for a nice new addition to my home and I am super excited! I love mixing modern + vintage. I  plan on working off of a neutral wall pallet... more than likely my favorite Benjamin Moore color called Cape Hatteras Sand. Sometimes it looks gray, and other times it looks tan depending on the lighting in the room. The floors will be a nice dark walnut stain on plank flooring. I will be using a lot of white furniture, shelving, and decor and pairing that white with some nice bold floral print accessories and textiles. I did find the neatest thing today on the Urban Outfitters website that was a white textured floral print wallpaper that is paintable. Umm... yes, I will be finding a wall space for that to inhabit. Even it if is only like 5'x 8'! The office will be in my attic so the ceiling is slighting slanted, so I will not be able to hang artwork, however, I will be having several canvases done to display our absolutely stunning brides and details from our weddings and events in which we have worked. Below is an idea of the pieces that I will be purchasing... don't worry, there will be a lot of contrast with the white furniture!

office furniture

From Left to Right:

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

getting ready for a remodel for a new OFFICE!

So the Thanksgiving festivities are all over, and all I can say is that brining a turkey is the way to go! I got an A++ on my first turkey, and I was even told it was better than my future mother in-laws by my fiance. Now that is big doings. She is always the perfect hostess!

Now I am super excited about Christmas, but the only thing I have on my Christmas wish list is to remodel my attic into my own personal office. It is about time to give the dining room back to the family... and with 345 of square feet to work with, I am super inspired, and extremely excited! Close your eyes and just imagine an exposed brick accent wall, white walls (or maybe my personal favorite, Cape Hatteras Sand by Benjamin Moore), exposed ceiling beams, pendant lamp, dark walnut stained plank flooring, white furniture, and textiles of accent colors (to be decided). My only problem is that I have always had extremely expensive taste, but never big enough pockets, so I have always been able to find great pieces curbside, at Target, or even at my extremely furniture friendly place, Ikea! My newest love of white decorative pieces is Z Gallerie... just had to share :) New windows will be installed in my new office in late January, so it looks like I will begin painting after the New Year! Here is a sneak peek at a few decor photos that inspire me, and then in my next post I'll feature some of the pieces I have my eye on to furnish my new fabulous space! To be continued...


nicole brennan . . 302.545.0412 . wilmington, de

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving: My first Turkey... part deux!

Wow... Thanksgiving is two days away! I promised to document my experience, but I have been so busy, that I hardly even had time to sit down and open up a browser. Extremely exciting though... I did do all of my Thanksgiving shopping last night during Monday Night Football. I am a late night shopper. I can't explain it, but there is just never enough time in a day for me it seems. Of course, it was better for me because I was able to miss all of the hub bub of the holidays crowds. Now, I will tell you that I was extremely nervous. I had planned on purchasing my Thanksgiving feast on Monday evening, but my future mother-in-law informed me that I needed to allow several days for my turkey to defrost if I was purchasing frozen (and of course I was... it was cheaper!). I could not really reroute shopping earlier because I would not be coming back into town until Monday afternoon from Pittsburgh. At least the Target Sales ads treated me well!

The Invitation |
I decided to send out an Evite to family members and friends for my first fabulous Thanksgiving feast. Since we decided to do a potluck, it was great because they could RSVP on the invitation and include what they would be bringing so that we would not have doubles. I thought it was festive and informative!

Pillsbury Caramel Apple Pie
The Menu | Well of course the staples. My family has a lot of traditional menu items that we have grown up with through the years that would be hard not to include. My grandmother is bringing her famous beans, my aunt her sweet potato casserole, my other aunt is bringing deviled eggs, and my mother is bringing the French's green bean casserole, pumpkin roll, and biscuits! I have taken on the task of the turkey, traditional stuffing, stuffing balls (always a request!), mashed potatoes, and my turtle pumpkin pie! What is truly exciting is that my younger sister, Melissa has decided that she is going to try her hand at cooking and will be contributing glazed carrots with cranberries, a pumpkin chex mix for snacking, and a caramel apple pie. Needless to say, for twelve people we will have more than enough food!

a Thanksgiving Timeline

While some home cooks have years of experience preparing a Thanksgiving dinner, I however, do not. I already did my grocery shopping and chose my 20lb Turkey for twelve guests. However, because I was a little overwhelmed with all of the days feastivities, I decided to check in with Williams Sonoma to see what kind of advice they could offer! Williams Sonoma compiled this timeline to help you plan and prepare your feast. Their tried-and-true timeline has helped many a Thanksgiving cooks over the years, so here is to hoping that it will guide me.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thanksgiving: My first Turkey

Stuffing Balls
As I rapidly approach thirty this upcoming year in twenty-eleven, my fiance told me that I needed to "woman" up and learn how to cook a turkey. It is true. I have never made a Thanksgiving turkey. That was always left to the previous generations; my mother and my grandmother. I have always contributed stuffing balls and most recently turtle pumpkin pie. Both made with love, but lets face it, I couldn't do it without Honestly, they were no fail... and I suggest if you are looking for something that you are sure your family will like, I definitely suggest checking out those recipes. But now since I have been handed over the task of the turkey its time to step up my game a little more than a lot.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

DIY: Button Boutonniere

We found this great DIY on Inspired Bride, and Karen from Silverberry Occasions was kind enough to share with them some of the lovely DIY projects she created for the Vintage Sewing shoot featured over a month ago. First up is an absolutely adorable (and super colorful!) button boutonniere that will add a little quirk to any wedding!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

caitlins bridal shower

I was so excited when I got my invite to Caitlins SURPRISE bridal shower during her visit from Germany! Turns out it was not so much of a surprise, but it was still an amazing time. Her MOH and Bridesmaids put together a fabulous shower, and it was nice to sit back and relax for once. Especially after the week that Caitlin and I just had during our whirlwind week of wedding planning throughout the Philadelpia region! The shower was so much fun with interactive (not tacky) games that kept the guests entertained and competitive! Job well done Allie, Madison, Hope, Katie, and Emily! How could I forgot the ladies from the Pool Club for helping to host this wonderful occasion and opening up their hearts and their homes! The bridesmaids put together these adorable favors and Caitlins cousin designed, decorated, and baked this beautiful cake, all which stayed within the beach theme that Caitlin and Rodney were using for their August wedding. All of the photos were taken by Geoffrey Horrowitz of Leapfrog Photography as part of the Philadelphia Wedding Project, and as always, we are never disappointed by his artistic abilities! LovelyGirls has had the pleasure of working with Geoffrey on several occasions, including Caitlin + Rodneys engagement session held at Gibraltar Gardens (which we can't wait to feature later), their wedding, and also Mythri and Prakash wedding as well!

favors courtesy of the bridesmaids!

Monday, November 1, 2010

mythri + prakash | 9.10.10

For our first meeting, we met at this great little coffee shop in Rittenhouse Square. We immediately fell in love with Mythris fun, care-free spirit and how Prakash just adored her! She was prepared with all of the necessities... samples of her invite, favors, even one of her sample overlays. With guests flying in from Texas, San Francisco, Switzerland, India, and all across the world (literally), we had to make sure that they had the best day ever. Mythri was very clear with the theme of their day. FUN. With two ceremonies (one in front of a carousel), a parade, and a reception at the Please Touch Museum... you could say that they did just that. Palace at the Ben and Max & Me Catering put together a traditional indian menu for all of the guests to enjoy!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Marchesa vs. Sweet & Saucy

Wow... could these two be any more identical in style? I am not even sure which came first... the design of this Marchesa Spring '11 gown that just debut during the NYC bridal market last weekend, or this fabulous large white garden rose Sweet & Saucy cake in which we have kept filed away for inspiration in one of our picture folders for the past few weeks? Either way, they are both to swoon over!

nicole brennan . 302.545.0412 . . wilmington

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

green + black: damask decor and stationery

With the demo and renovation of my home office beginning soon (secretly jumping and down with joy!), I am constantly searching for inspiration. However, don't let me fool you... I have it all designed in my head: white walls, dark walnut flooring, white ikea shelving, plush couches and chairs, and of course a showcase of the LovelyGirls portfolio! But decor and interior decorating for me is to the bride who is searching for the perfect cake and wedding dress, and the internet is just a wealth of information that can sometimes be overhwelming! So since I have been inspired by so many beautiful rooms, I have decided to start a series of blogs where I take the decor of a room and turn it into an inspiration board.

For our first feature, our inspiration began with the newly decorated office of Stephanie Grimm of Couture Parties located in Newport, Rhode Island. She has a beautiful new space located on Thames St., and it is still in a work in progress (but we would have never known!). If you get a chance take a visit to her blog and check out her halloween window display! She has done a beautiful job mixing her style and decor. A mix of classic and modern pieces, a neutral palette, bold patterned accents, with a pop of my favorite color. Green!

picture is courtesy of Stephanie Grimms smart phone for Couture Parties!

We have decided to feature this beautiful space with invitation and stationery designed by one of our favorites vendors, Greenleaf Paperie! This invitation suite was designed for one of our June weddings between Kara and Marc, who had a beautiful ceremony and reception at Appleford Estates in Villanova, PA. What do you find inspires you when choosing your theme and decor from your wedding? Sometimes it can begin with the cake, or maybe even an outfit from your closet. Personally, mine mostly comes from room decor! It could be a candlestick, a pillow, or even a bold patterened curtain like above! All photography below provided by Laura Novak Photography.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Martha Stewarts Prop Room... a girls decor dream!

I have been an avid Martha Stewart follower for many years. In college, my girlfriends and family nicknamed me "Martha" as a joke! So, imagine the excitement that came upon me while I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Couture Parties, based out of Rhode Island. Stephanie just posted photos from a recent Martha Stewart Bridal Industry Party that she attended during the NYC Bridal Market. Go her! We just thought we had to share her experience (and a peek into Marthas prop room). This ones for you Dana (of Desserts by Dana!). All photos were taken by Stephanie of Couture Parties + Weddings.

a rainbow of glassware and vases

Monday, October 18, 2010

cupcakes, cheesecake pops, photography... oh my!

I was enjoying the Phillies game this Saturday evening when my friend Kelly wanted to introduce me to her friends cupcake business (Yes, cupcakes + phillies do go together!). She took out her smartphone and pulled up her friends facebook account, and under photos she introduced me to my next love... an entire album full of cheesecake pops + cupcakes! And it gets better... her husband is the owner of his own wedding photography business, Rob Naylor Photography (with packages starting at $800 for the bride on a budget!). This is perhaps a wedding and event planners dream duo!

So without further adeau... Melissa's Cupcakery!

With over 24 specialty flavors to choose from... where do you begin? Everything looks beautiful and tastes delish, but I think what really caught our taste buds was the apple pie, pb + j, and the ballgame cupcake! Did we mention the smores, lemonade, and snickers cupcakes? We can't wait to serve these at our next soiree!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

liza + tom | 7.17.10

Working with Liza was so much fun! She was so DIY and absolutely had a fabulous taste for great vendors and photography. When Liza and I had originally spoke, she wanted to host her wedding at the Central Library branch of Philadelphia Free Library on Vine. Beautiful facility. Downside, it was not going to be big enough to host Liza and Toms 200+ guest list. So, onto searching for a new facility. Liza had a modern flair. Loves Philadelphia. Even a flair for the dramatics. So, what did Liza and Tom find as their best option? The Adventure Aquarium located just across the Delaware River in Camden, NJ. With its modern decor, panoramic view of the Philadelphia skyline, and the ever dramatic shark tanks in the Currents Ballroom, it was almost like Cinderella putting on her glass slipper at the ball. Well, at least you would have thought with the amazing shoe selection worn by the bridal party! The best part about the wedding was having such a great team to work with such as Pat Furey Photography and Synergetic Sounds + Lighting. Here are some photo teasers compliments of Pat Furey!

photography by Pat Furey

photography by Pat Furey

photography by Pat Furey

photography by Pat Furey

photography by Pat Furey

photography by Pat Furey

photography by Pat Furey

photography by Pat Furey

Ceremony: Saint Augustine Roman Catholic Church
Reception: Currents Ballroom at Adventure Aquarium
Dress: Enzoani Couture, "Desiree"
Hair & Make-up:  Danielle + Natasha from Sapphire Salon & Spa
Shoes: Michaelangelo for ceremony... fun blue shoes by MIX No6 from DSW
Groomsmen Tux:  Chaps by Ralph Lauren
Bridesmaids: Davids Bridal
Floral: all done by the bride
DJ: Chris of Synergetic Sounds
Trolley: Philadelphia Trolley Works
Cake: Brendenbeck's in Chestnut Hill
Photography: Pat Furey Photography
Invitations: Whimsical Prints
Seating Chart: Sealed with a Kiss in Haddonfield, NJ
Accommodations: Crowne Plaza Center City

Like what you see here? E-mail us at  { nicole }

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Coady Baby Shower | 3.29.09

My longtime friend, Caitlin, inspired me to feature this baby shower that I had done while I was hard at work receiving my wedding planning certification! This baby shower was for Melissa + Eric Coady, one of our recent brides and grooms. The baby shower was hosted by family and her closest friends at the Deer Park Tavern & Grill on Main St. in the city of Newark. They had the invitations done through tiny prints and cupcakes from SAS Cupcakes, another great vendor located on Main St.

Madison Lee Coady was born at 4:16am on May 22nd, 2009. She weighed in at 8lbs, 4.3 oz and was 20.5 inches.

Cupcakes by SAS Cupcakes | Newark, DE

Floral + Decor by LovelyGirls Events

Madison Lee Coady | May 22nd, 2009

We hope that you enjoyed everything you have seen here! E-mail me at to see more for your viewing pleasure. { nicole }

Sunday, September 19, 2010

kara + marc | 6.26.10

After our first meeting with Kara, we knew that she was going to be one of the coolest brides ever! After all, our planner, Nicole, could barely speak. She had laryngitis and the doctors had given her marching orders not to speak for the next 48 hours. However, that didn’t stop her from arriving with Trisha with her laptop in hand, as she ordered a Vanilla Chai from Presto on Washington St. She proceeded to meet with our newest bride, Kara, even if she could only muster a few words (and maybe some grunts). It must have impressed Kara with our dedication, because she had decided that we would be the perfect fit! After all, Kara had the perfect vision for her Appleford Estates wedding that was to be held on a sunny afternoon in Villanova, PA. Kara and Marcs line-up of vendors was just spectacular! They were working with the amazing Donna O’Brien from Beautiful Blooms and the ever-so talented Laura Novak from Novak Photography, as well as GreenLeaf Paperie, Blue Hen Video Productions, Timmy D Productions, and Evoluer Image Consultants. I guess that is what happens when you have great taste!

Stationery + Invites: GreenLeaf Paperie
Videography: Blue Hen Video Productions
DJ: Timmy D Productions

melissa + eric | 6.13.10

So, with many countless days of work leading up to Melissa + Erics nuptials, I am sad to say that the soiree is over. However, the couple can finally be announced as Mr. + Mrs. Eric Coady! With 90 degree temperatures and humidity as thick as cotton candy, the ceremony went off without a hitch. The Heritage Shores Golf Club, is a beautiful facility with its two tier porches adorned with rocking chairs that overlook the golf course. It made for a great view of the gazebo strung with orange gerbera daisies at the ceremony site. All that was missing was an ice cold glass of lemonade! GreenLeaf Paperie always does an amazing job with the stationery. We just love working with her (pretty much every wedding!) Our brides fall in love with her as soon as they see her portfolio! All of the pictures were taken by long time friend Brandy Bouyea of Brandy Bouyea Photography.

all photography by Brandy Bouyea Photography

all photography by Brandy Bouyea Photography

all photography by Brandy Bouyea Photography

Cupcakes: Cakes by Bev
Stationery: GreenLeaf Paperie

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