Monday, October 10, 2011

the new group shot: Heart Shaped!

If you are really looking to make art from your wedding day, we have found ourselves “pinning” heart group shots. Yes, we LOVE this new group shot trend because it is such a unique way to showcase your guests, and it will be something that you may actually want to include in your album from your photographer. Of course this type of thing is best done outside and may take a little bit of coordinating between your venue, photographer, and of course your coordinator. Here are some pointers in getting the shot of your dreams:

• Scout out the location with your photographer during a walk-through of the venue about the time of the day you want to get the picture taken. Make sure you minimize as many shadows as possible, depending on the sunlight and positioning during that time of day.

• A group shot is best done immediately after the ceremony (because all of your guests are in one place), so make sure to have your officiant make an announcement to all of the guests to stay around after you make the walk back up the aisle. If you are having a church wedding make sure this is done during the cocktail hour at your venue, and have the DJ make an announcement. Also ensure that all VIP family members are aware so they can plan to be ready.

• If your photographer does not have an assistant for the day make sure that a coordinator that you brought in for the day assists. And if you have not hired one then see if the venue coordinator will be able to assist with lining up all of the guests and making sure the photo is perfect!

• Make sure your photographer has coordinated a ladder with the venue if they are not able to supply one of their own.

• Make sure you have between 75 to 100 guests on hand to make the photo a success!

Still looking for something unique? Try creating your wedding date or new initials and monogram. Just think, 11-11-11 is quickly approaching!

As seen on the wedding report and written by *mwaa*. 

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