Thursday, May 26, 2011

DIY: Tissue Paper Lantern

Martha Stewart does it again... First the tissue hanging pom fad (which we love), and now this amazing Tissue Paper Petal Lantern that closely resembles a peony flower just before bloom! And if that was not enough, these masterpeices only take about thirty minutes each. If you have not picked up your Martha Stewart Living Spring June '11 Issue, then do not worry, we have the complete how-to here :

Tools and Materials:    Double Sided Tape

5" Tissue Paper Circles in Pastel + Primary, $6 for 480,

Wire-frame Spherical Paper Lantern, $3.25 to $4.25 for 14-18",

Martha Stewart even offered up the ideas of creating an ombre pattern (gradations of the same color), or even using round green tissue paper at the top for the illusion of berries! We honestly cannot wait for the opportunity to use these at our next event... whether it is a shower, wedding, or 30th Birthday Party (hint hint - that's right, mine is coming up soon!)

  1. Starting at th ebottom of the lantern, use small squares of tape to being attaching tissue paper disks around the hole, overlapping them. You will use approximately 70 of the 5" tissue paper disks, depending on the size lantern that you choose to use.
  2. Working toward the top, continue sticking and overlapping disks to cover the lantern.
  3. Tip: You may find it easier to rest the lantern upside down before you start sticking the circles from the bottom up.

Seriously. Thank you Martha!

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