Tuesday, June 21, 2011

turning the "Dirty" Thirty!

August twenty-second is fastly approaching which means that I will be turning thirty in just two months. Oddly, I am embracing it with open arms and honestly, turning twenty-nine was really the bummer. I mean honestly... twenty nine? What fun is in twenty-nine? I would rather go around and tell everyone that I am already thirty (and to some I have... sorry!). My twenties were filled with great times, awesome friendships, and some stories that I would rather just forget (yes, there are quite a few of those!). I am really just ready to embrace thirty with huge open arms... giving up the bar scene and hangovers and now enjoying sushi and wine dinners and front porch happy hours with friends. I am so happy with where I am at in life and really just enjoying the past two years with LovelyGirls grow. Yes, my twenties came with some regrets, but I consider them hiccups and learning curves... But I am also embracing the LOVE that I shared during those times!

Speaking of turning thirty... this means that I can start putting together my 30th Birthday Party Wish List! Now this is something that has definitely changed throughout the decades. I would say up until I was sixteen or so it was written on a piece of art paper and displayed on the refrigerator for the family (and friends) to see as they passed by. From the time I was seventeen until about, lets say twenty-two, the birthday wish list was sent over email (tacky I know), but my sister, mother, and significant other always found it easiest. Then of course from twenty-three until twenty-nine, these emails then became hyperlinked directly to the gift and the price that you found (hoping that it was the best price around the web). And now, for thirty, I have just decided to put it out there for the whole world to see on my blog. Really, no one has an excuse now and like I said, the birthday wish list has really changed through the decades! Yes, this means I am sharing it with you, the readers... and feel free to snag up some of these items as wedding gifts or for a housewarming party. These are in no particular order of importance, but enjoy!

The Laurel Flute Set from Z Gallerie $23.80

I really just love these champagne flutes, and I alread have a stemless collection (if you consider two a collection anymore... I have since broken two in the sink), so I could definitely use this more modern update for a dinner party... and maybe two sets would be nice. 2 sets = 8 glasses!

Umbrella Boot Stand from Z Gallerie, $79.95
Now, I just adore this wellie umbrella stand. I wanted one so bad last year but they sold out. And of course, they brought them back this year due to popular demand, and I am pretty sure they upped the price tag by an additional $30.00 too.... and that is why they are on my wish list!

Deer Head Mount from Z Gallerie, $49.95

I could definitely foresee this deer head stand somewhere in the house... with the modern white, I figure it would be a great addition to our walls and help tie in my significant others mountain roots (It is definitely my excuse, and I am up for taking my chances!)

Wire Capiz Sunburst Wall Mirror from Target, $84.99

I have always loved, loved, loved this mirror, and have definitely found a space for it in my dining room finally after getting settled. I was even more excited when I saw that photographer, Laura Novak, felt the same love for this mirror and hung a simlar version in her Delaware Ave. studio when I visited last spring for Kara + Marcs consultation. The mirror is on sale this week for $72.74, but I doubt it will be on sale much longer... Keeping my fingers crossed! 
White Apple iPad 2 16GB Wifi

And of course... the beloved iPad. I was really not interested in one of these until around March or April... that is until I got my first White 16GB iPhone and I fell absolutely in love!... and that is when I decided I would totally forego a 30th birthday party/dinner/celebration and suggest my friends and family all pitch in for one these. Ballsy right? I know. Very doubtful to happen, and still very indecisive on my birthday plans (which will be a whole 'nother blog post.)

I hope that everyone can welcome "30" with open arms just as I am, and not worry about if you have kids yet, maybe not married yet, or just not quite where you saw yourself. Remember 40 is the new 30... so you have ten more years to get there!  

Live. Laugh. Love.

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