Friday, November 11, 2011

Vie by Cescaphe: Un-VIE-led!

Just the evening before, the LovelyGirls team had the opportunity to attend the Vie  by Cescaphe showcase and catch up with the gals from Beautiful Blooms. One word. Stunning. And of course here are a few more... beautiful, elegant, modern, tasteful, and every bit of a venue that we thought it might be. The Cescaphe Event group has outdone thsemselves again. Liza and I are so fortunate to have been given the opportunity by our lovely couple, Eneida and Jason, to work there next June! Vie is located at 600 N. Broad St in Philadelphia. Did we mention that the venue can accommodate up to 600 guests? Must be something special with the number 600!

The decor that evening was brilliantly done by the Beautiful Blooms team and no detail went unturned. The venue was set for 225 guests with a mix of rounds, long family style tables, and a sweetheart table (that we will spill the secrets on later). The white chiviari chairs and black cushions (however, could have easily have been navy blue) contrasting against the gray silk linens, mirrored vases, candlelight, and  layers of  multiple height centerpieces adorned with white textures of hydrangea, orchids, peonies, and garden roses only rose to the occasion of the floor length drapery and white chandeliers.

Enjoy our tour through Vie with our mobile iPhone pictures and tell us what you think (and in all honesty, I swear they looked better on the phone!).

the Entrance
the Entrance complete with handicap accessible ramps!
Lounge seating and cocktail tables throughout
Centerpieces by Beautiful Blooms
Loving that white chandelier... we are too!
Beautiful centerpieces and table decor by Beautiful Blooms
The bar in the ballroom... there are four inside at Vie!
the Sweetheart table... which by the way, rotates!
Notice the Flat Screen in the Bridal Suite? Yes, you say.
It monitors your guests during your event for your viewing pleasure!
You don't even have to think two now about missing your cake cutting.
the Bridal Suite

We hope that you enjoyed the video tour, but honestly... it might have given you motion sickness. For that, we apologize. Wondering about the outdoor garden space? Well it is yet to be finished, however, we look forward to its completion once the spring is upon us and wedding season is once again in full swing! Liza and I hope that you enjoyed our iPhone tour of Vie and we cannot wait to share all of the yumminess of Eneida and Jasons wedding come next summer!

Liza and Nicole signing out.... LIVE from Vie!

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