Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Diary of a Future "Mrs." - Part 2

I've given you tips from my planning experience thus far, now here's some advice from the pros. Former brides, planners, photographers and vendors learn so much when putting a wedding together. Whether you want a referral, have a budget question or want to know what colors look best together, they truly are invaluable resources. I have received amazing advice on everything from candles to spa treatments.
Here are my top-ten favorite words of wisdom I have received. They are in no particular order and yes, some of the tips will be a little random but hey, it's better to know these things a head of time!

1. Do NOT get a massage the day of your wedding. I was told by a former bride that she made this mistake and felt "too relaxed" during the ceremony and the reception. She was rushing around all day, forgot to drink water and was incredibly dehydrated.
2. Instead of a massive wedding cake, order a small cake to display and a sheet cake, made with identical ingredients, to serve the guests. It's a huge budget saver that doesn't require you to sacrifice anything.
3. Remember to wear a top that does NOT need to go over your head when you're getting your hair and makeup done (ex. a button-down shirt).
4. If you're decorating with candles, Ashland Basic Elements Pillar Votives burn for 12 hours! 
5. Tell vendors what you can afford to spend up-front. Not only does this save everyone time and back-and-forth emails but most vendors are actually more than happy to work with your budget.
6. Ebay, for new and pre-owned items, and Etsy are great spots for all the little things; cake toppers, money envelope holders etc.
7. For lovely and free printable save the date and wedding invitation templates, go to, and
8. Break in your bridal shoes before the big day.
9. Wedding favors are nice but not necessary. At the end of the day most people forget to take them or lose them.
10. Don't do anything to your hair (cut, color, Keratin Treatment etc.) any sooner than 2 weeks before the wedding day. One of our vendors shared a terrifying story about a blond dye job gone bad.

- Lauren G.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Lovely Lady Lovin'

It’s customary (and thoughtful) to give the ladies of your wedding party a little something to thank them for being part of your big day. If we’re being honest, you’re also thanking them for supporting you during a Bridezilla moment you may had along the way. There are practical choices like paying for part of their Bridesmaid attire (shoes, jewelry etc.), their flight to the wedding or accommodations but, if you’re leaning more towards a tangible gift, here are some ideas for showing your best friends they are “like good a bra; always lifting you up and never leaving you hanging.”

1: Dani Notes monogrammed iPhone cover |
This monogrammed iPhone cover is not only adorable and functional but it’s an item your friends will look at every day. The pattern selection is fun and you can choose between an initial or first name monogram.

2: Danielle Stevens bracelet |
Following the same theme, but slightly more personal, a piece of jewelry can last forever. This bracelet is a beautiful and timeless keepsake.

3: Stephanie Johnson cosmetic case |
Multiple gifts are always better than 1. Fill a cosmetic case with a combination of items, ranging from practical to luxury; Rosebud Salve, Essie nail polish, Hanky Panky undies and your favorite fragrance.

4: Signature picture frame |
What is a better way to remember the fun at the Bachelorette party or another moment you all shared together? After you give the girls their gifts, have a silver pen on hand so all of you can sign the frames.

5: Plum Pretty Sugar robe set |
Not only will the “getting ready” pictures look fabulous, but a stylish robe is something every lady can use and most likely wouldn’t think to buy themselves.

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