Monday, March 26, 2012

Bars (and not the drinking kind!)

With dessert and weddings on the brain, and their always on the brain, we were intrigued by the latest wedding trend: bars - dessert bars, popcorn bars, doughnut bars, cookie bars, sundae bars, smores bars, waffle bars, and cigar bars (had to throw one in there for the boys!). These options are endless and the list goes on. What makes this concept so perfect? More is always better when it comes to treats. Check out some of our favorite "bar" ideas.

For a spring or summer wedding, consider a sundae and ice cream bar. Make your own sundae bars are perfect for these warmer months shindigs. Think about the amazing (and affordable) selection you could provide - sprinkles, cherries, whipped cream, ooey goeey marshmallow sauce, and any thing you could imagine on an ice cream sundae. For a refreshing and lighter choice, offer a few flavored sorbets as well. If you're big day is during a spring month, integrate some of the seasons best fruits.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Short & Sweet: Macarons in Delaware!

Ever since I caught wind that Pike Creek Coffee was going to be serving up macaroon deliciousness from the MacarOn Cafe in NYC, I could not get there fast enough! Well, it took me about a month, but I figured what better gift to one of my besties (who has a hobby for desserts and pastries, especially of the Parisian sorts) for her 30th birthday than these delectables. Of course I dabbled in the "one for you, one for me", but hey, I needed some material to back up my blog post. Wow, were they amazing or what? So amazing! And yummy, and everything I wished for them to be. I decided to choose six different flavors (for each of us) - salted caramel, pistachio, honey lavender, raspberry, pumpkin cinnamon, and lemon. The barista at Pike Creek Coffee wrapped them up so daintily in their box, and I felt like I was staring at a rainbow of deliciousness.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Diary of a Future “Mrs.” – Part 1

Top 5 Tips When Planning Your Wedding

The ring goes on your finger, your eyes fill with tears and the two of share a beautiful moment together as you mark the beginning of the next step in your lives. OK, that moment is passed and now it’s time to get your planning on.

#5 – Like a Game Show, Know Your Stuff

When we started inquiring about locations, we’d call or send venues casual (and excited e-mails) that said, “Hi! We are interested in having our wedding at ________ sometime in September. Would you mind sending pricing and information?” The responses were always the same; “What in your wedding date? Will you be having your ceremony on-site? How many people? What time?” Woah! I have no idea! First of all, I always thought you chose a month or season when you wanted to get married and your date depended on when the venue was available in that time period. Apparently, many couples have a specific date in mind ahead of time. Who knew?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Removing the "book" from guestbook

For the home decor enthusiast
When I think about guestbooks I'm reminded of a Sex and the City episode where Miranda's wedding duty was to "man" the guest book. In the episode she's standing next to a book on a table, with a pen in her hand saying, "sign the guestbook?". Gone are the days where a guestbook consists of a book and a pen. These days couples are breaking boundaries of creativity and being inspired by what they love... music, photography, home decor, and using their guestbooks to incorporate them into their guests into their daily lives.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; here, your guests can have the best of both worlds. Set up a table with a Polaroid camera, blank-paged guestbook, and several pens. Each guests or couple can have their own page where they will post their Polaroid portrait and have ample room to write their best wishes, advice to, or favorite memories of the newlyweds. Larger weddings will require a larger guestbook (or just more paper) while a photo booth (DIY?) could take the place of a Polaroid camera. Not only will you have a special note from your loved ones, but you'll have priceless pictures of them the very momoment they wrote it!

Monday, March 12, 2012

because 3 (or more) is always better than one!

Disclaimer: There is a soft spot in my heart for Sweet and Saucy cakes. Please be prepared for inspiration overload!

For a refreshingly unique (and often less expensive) way to end your reception’s dinner, couples are moving away from the traditional tiered wedding cake. Instead, they opt for a more distinctive style: several smaller cakes, an assortment of homemade pies, and cupcakes to create a bite-size dessert buffet. While a larger cake has its appeal (grand design, picturesque, very tall, more to eat), this contemporary approach certainly has its advantages.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Who's wearing the dunce cap? This girl.

Tisk, tisk, tisk! I seriously fell of the band wagon in the world of blogging. I have had so many meetings recently, and this topic has come in conversation in almost every meeting whether with vendor, client, or class... and each time I hold my head down low. Its not that I do not enjoy it, or not even that I am lacking ideas (trust me I have plenty of topics in cue that I want to write about).... its that I have not taken the time to sit down and write. I fell of just around the holidays, and then it was a new years resolution, and then of course, I felt like it had been so long that I was almost intimidated by it. Yes, this is me being real. What is even worse is speaking to a class of aspiring wedding planners and preaching the importance of blogging, posting real weddings, and then looking at mine. So was the hypocrite... dislike. So... hey ladies (and gents!)... Im baaacccccck! Lets not all jump for joy at once. No really, please contain yourselves.

So here is a rundown of what we have been up to... One Love was a smashing success! Jet setting to Vegas. Meeting with a ton of new clients (we love you all, and this is for you!). Concentrating on our vendor connections. Redesign of the website and blog and all new branding (cant wait for the reveal!). An instructor for the Wedding Planning Institute at the local community college. Going to see #theFix by Jasmine Star down in Washington DC...serious girl crush on DC and J* (and JD)! Oh, and many other projects in the works... so freaking excited! 

When you stay tuned you can expect real weddings, wedding tips and tricks, home decor and style, food and recipes, recaps of the past few months, and me just being me. Yes, this blog will not just be all weddings... because I am not just all weddings. And honestly... we love weddings and events because they incorporate all of the things that we love... food, fashion, home decor, and honing in our organizational skills. So why shouldn't our blog incorporate all of the things we love and inspire us?
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