Monday, March 26, 2012

Bars (and not the drinking kind!)

With dessert and weddings on the brain, and their always on the brain, we were intrigued by the latest wedding trend: bars - dessert bars, popcorn bars, doughnut bars, cookie bars, sundae bars, smores bars, waffle bars, and cigar bars (had to throw one in there for the boys!). These options are endless and the list goes on. What makes this concept so perfect? More is always better when it comes to treats. Check out some of our favorite "bar" ideas.

For a spring or summer wedding, consider a sundae and ice cream bar. Make your own sundae bars are perfect for these warmer months shindigs. Think about the amazing (and affordable) selection you could provide - sprinkles, cherries, whipped cream, ooey goeey marshmallow sauce, and any thing you could imagine on an ice cream sundae. For a refreshing and lighter choice, offer a few flavored sorbets as well. If you're big day is during a spring month, integrate some of the seasons best fruits.

m2 Photography at the Old Mill in Rose Valley, PA
For a fall or a winter wedding, choose a comfort food station by setting up make-your-own waffle bars with a plethora of toppings (chocolate sauce, fruit, nuts, whipped topping, and ice cream). Bring in the best of the seasons with pumpkin pie flavor, warm apples, and cinnamon! Also think smores bars with marshmallows, Hershey's chocolate, and graham crackers over firepits (indoors and out!).

Want a cheaper DIY option... Cookie  Bars! What a better way than to ask your guests for their favorite cookies flavors, count the votes, and then bake away the last few days.

Movie themed or premiere style wedding... think about a popcorn bar. You can purchase these in bulk from Popcorn Papa in fifty assorted flavors - think cinnamon toast, oreo, parmesan & garlic, and spicy buffalo. Like playing it safe? Just purchase buttery or low salt, and place out different options for your guests to drizzle and sprinkle as they please!

from Katie + Chris April 2011 wedding at the Christiana Hilton
Did you or your betrothed have a favorite candy growing up? Incorporate those Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish, or Snickers into a candy bar buffet. This is a fun way to bring your childhood pasts to your married future! Don't have a favorite? Choose candy based on your color scheme. Fill vintage glass jars or apothecary vases with colorful treats. Formula to candy calculation is (Amount of Guests) x (3) = (Total) / (divide by 16) = Your answer to the amount of lbs needed for your candy buffet! 

Amy Atlas candy bar design

And lastly, because we figured the guys needed a little something we decided to opt in the Cigar Bar. First, check with your reception venue to find out if their smoking policy will allow you to have a cigar bar. If you’re determined to have the bar, keep looking for a venue that will allow smoking. An outdoor location some distance away from the main festivities would be preferable, and this might help determine the season for your wedding. A winter wedding, depending on the local weather, might require an indoor spot for the cigar bar. You might even have the cigar bar itself inside the facility, but ask the gentlemen to step outside onto a patio to smoke. Your main concern should be putting enough distance between the smokers and the rest of the guests to keep everyone content. Once the perfect spot for the cigar bar has been identified, you simply need a table on which to put the cigars and all the necessary accessories. Start with a nice assortment of cigars. If your groom is a cigar enthusiast, he’ll know which cigars to bring to the table. Otherwise, get advice at your local cigar store.  

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