Monday, March 12, 2012

because 3 (or more) is always better than one!

Disclaimer: There is a soft spot in my heart for Sweet and Saucy cakes. Please be prepared for inspiration overload!

For a refreshingly unique (and often less expensive) way to end your reception’s dinner, couples are moving away from the traditional tiered wedding cake. Instead, they opt for a more distinctive style: several smaller cakes, an assortment of homemade pies, and cupcakes to create a bite-size dessert buffet. While a larger cake has its appeal (grand design, picturesque, very tall, more to eat), this contemporary approach certainly has its advantages.

Multiple dessert options allow you to satisfy many sweet-tooth levels. Believe it or not, some guests do not actually like dessert (gasp!), but for those who do, what’s better than multiple options? If you choose a cake or pie buffet, it will encourage your guests to mingle as they fill their plates (and mouths) with a bit of deliciousness. Check out inspiration from Sweet and Saucy Shop (by far one of my favorite cake designers for inspiration) and of course a few more from around the world wide web. These cakes are lathered with cream cheese or buttercream and adorned with over sized beautiful blooms such as peonies and dahlias. These cakes could easily be made at home (transportation is on your own!) with the floral picked up at either your local floral shop, grocer, or wholesale shop. Include blooms from your bouquet to keep things cohesive.

In broadening your dessert horizon, you can also incorporate your wedding colors or theme into your dessert. Are you looking to create a garden experience? Adorn your cakes with an array of flowers and garden creatures (think butterflies or over sized peonies!). Think your cupcakes are missing something? Add your initials in icing. The options are endless and there is so much room for creativity. Want to involve your family and help keep costs down? Ask close family members to bake their favorite pie for the wedding. Incorporate the rustic atmosphere of the season with multiple flavored pies (like seasonally appropriate favorites such as pumpkin and apple in the fall, and cherry and strawberry rhubarb in the summer).

Like what you see? Then head on over to Pinterest and check out our Cake board... and of course there are about twenty-seven others. Trust me, we spent hours being inspired and clogging up our followers feeds!

Also, we would like to introduce one our newest bloggers Lauren to the mix... and how appropriate that her initials just happen to be "LG". Coincidental, or was it?

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