Thursday, March 15, 2012

Removing the "book" from guestbook

For the home decor enthusiast
When I think about guestbooks I'm reminded of a Sex and the City episode where Miranda's wedding duty was to "man" the guest book. In the episode she's standing next to a book on a table, with a pen in her hand saying, "sign the guestbook?". Gone are the days where a guestbook consists of a book and a pen. These days couples are breaking boundaries of creativity and being inspired by what they love... music, photography, home decor, and using their guestbooks to incorporate them into their guests into their daily lives.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; here, your guests can have the best of both worlds. Set up a table with a Polaroid camera, blank-paged guestbook, and several pens. Each guests or couple can have their own page where they will post their Polaroid portrait and have ample room to write their best wishes, advice to, or favorite memories of the newlyweds. Larger weddings will require a larger guestbook (or just more paper) while a photo booth (DIY?) could take the place of a Polaroid camera. Not only will you have a special note from your loved ones, but you'll have priceless pictures of them the very momoment they wrote it!

To be sure everyone remembers to sign your guestbook, opt for table-specific activities. For the puzzle loving couple, place a blank puzzle at each place setting where guests can write their own message and drop it in a designated place anytime throughout the reception. One the honeymoon is over and you're settled in, put the puzzle together and see what everyone wrote! Framed the finished masterpiece and make it a permanent part of your home.

Provide cards with "Advice to Bride" on one side and "Advice to Groom" on the other so your guests can give both parties guidance. I know my friends and family would have much different adice for me thatn for my future husband! After the honeymoon and on each anniversary, pull out these cards and read them to eachother... are ou still following the sage counsel of your loved ones?

I don't know about you, but if it wasnt for facebook, I wouldnt remember my own birthday, let alone birthdays of friends and family. A guestbook that is both unique and sneaky, the "sign the calendar" concept is, in my opinion, genius.

For the couples looking to go green, offer your guests small stones on which to write their thoughts. To incorporate these into your life after the wedding, place the stones in a large case, set them in a garden, on your mantle, or display them on a coffee table. Ensuring you won't be wasting any paper products, these stones are built for the long run... just like to two of you.

Guestbooks are a place where your loved ones can forever make their mark on your big day. By stepping out of tradition and bringing in a new form of the original book, you can entertain your guests (and later yourselves!) by creating fun and innovative ways for them to be a part of your wedding and the rest of your life. For the music lover, have your guests sign old music records and display them in your home. Love reading books? Have your guests sign library cards like they are checking them out, instead have them include the date they came into your life.

One last idea, have your photographer make a wedding guest book out of your engagement photos, make sure you leave ample white space for your guests to sign and leave their advice! On a budget, make it yourself through Shutterfly, My Publisher ( <-- personal favorite for quality), or any other company out there you may find! The options are endless, but just remember the most important thing at the end of the day is that you are a newly Mr. & Mrs.! - LG

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