Thursday, December 30, 2010

Currently Loving: Confetti Systems!

ahh, Holiday windows! Full of sugar, spice, and most everything nice! They sparkle, twinkle, and inspire delight. Have you seen J.Crew's delicious displays? They are masterminded by the talented team of Confetti System and make me want to pop a bottle in celebration of all the eye candy to behold!  I was first introduced to these pinatas and garlands in the J.Crew Holiday 2011 display windows at the Christiana Mall in Newark, DE... and I just thought they were amazing!  Its a sea of tinsil, snow, glitter and piñatas! I must admit that while the windows feel much more like New Years than Christmas, I find them quite refreshing. The color palate is not typical for J.Crew, and I love that they are taking chances and mixing it up. However, I am a little sad that they took them down before the NYE festivities.  P.S. It is a good thing we were able to snag a few of these for our own personal use :)

Confetti System has designed a modern collection of handmade piñatas ($140) created from shreds of mylar (metalized plastic sheeting) that are sleek enough to double as party decor, so let the kids have their papier-mâché.

Available in a range of metallics including silver, gold and quartz, the piñatas would add sparkle to any festive event especially New Year’s Eve.  Although they may seem to pretty to hit with a stick, the piñatas are filled with handmade confetti for those that choose to break them open.

To complement the piñatas, Confetti System has created tissue paper and mylar garlands ($130) in neutrals, silver and copper,  Hang a few of the 12ft strands along a window sill or above a table for some instant party glamour. Custom colors can be ordered with a two-three week lead time.


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