Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thanksgiving: My first Turkey

Stuffing Balls
As I rapidly approach thirty this upcoming year in twenty-eleven, my fiance told me that I needed to "woman" up and learn how to cook a turkey. It is true. I have never made a Thanksgiving turkey. That was always left to the previous generations; my mother and my grandmother. I have always contributed stuffing balls and most recently turtle pumpkin pie. Both made with love, but lets face it, I couldn't do it without Honestly, they were no fail... and I suggest if you are looking for something that you are sure your family will like, I definitely suggest checking out those recipes. But now since I have been handed over the task of the turkey its time to step up my game a little more than a lot.

Turtle Pumpkin Pie
Being inspired by my new found best friend, Erica, due to her elegant taste and always delightful light bites that she serves at home, I decided to venture into Williams Sonoma. It just seemed like the elegant place to begin this turkey adventure that I have decided to embark on. Not only that, but they have the most amazing fig jam that is served best with goat cheese crumbles spread on a cracker. Enjoying the sounds of that? Then you should try slices of pear with blue cheese.

As I strolled by, I saw the word turkey on this fabulous container that said "Turkey Brine: Apple & Spices". It seemed like a fabulous starting point. What really met me at the door though was the scent of Hot Mulled Cider. I perused through the Turkey Gravy Base, but what I really found exceptional was the advice. The associates in William Sonoma talked me through brining my first turkey, offered me tips and advice, and listened to my ideas for my menu. They handed me the informational material to help me get through my first Thanksgiving. Even though I did not purchase anything that evening (because I purposely left my wallet in my car), I will be back next week to make those purchases to help me prepare for my first thanksgiving, and of course to help me feel more sophisticated. Stay tuned on my journey and my final menu selections!

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Marlo Ricketts Green, PCWP Owner, Regina Lesley Event Artistry said...

Good luck Nikki! You are always successful in everything you do! I almost want to invite myself over to check it out :-) Can't wait to read the next article.

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