Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving: My first Turkey... part deux!

Wow... Thanksgiving is two days away! I promised to document my experience, but I have been so busy, that I hardly even had time to sit down and open up a browser. Extremely exciting though... I did do all of my Thanksgiving shopping last night during Monday Night Football. I am a late night shopper. I can't explain it, but there is just never enough time in a day for me it seems. Of course, it was better for me because I was able to miss all of the hub bub of the holidays crowds. Now, I will tell you that I was extremely nervous. I had planned on purchasing my Thanksgiving feast on Monday evening, but my future mother-in-law informed me that I needed to allow several days for my turkey to defrost if I was purchasing frozen (and of course I was... it was cheaper!). I could not really reroute shopping earlier because I would not be coming back into town until Monday afternoon from Pittsburgh. At least the Target Sales ads treated me well!

The Invitation |
I decided to send out an Evite to family members and friends for my first fabulous Thanksgiving feast. Since we decided to do a potluck, it was great because they could RSVP on the invitation and include what they would be bringing so that we would not have doubles. I thought it was festive and informative!

Pillsbury Caramel Apple Pie
The Menu | Well of course the staples. My family has a lot of traditional menu items that we have grown up with through the years that would be hard not to include. My grandmother is bringing her famous beans, my aunt her sweet potato casserole, my other aunt is bringing deviled eggs, and my mother is bringing the French's green bean casserole, pumpkin roll, and biscuits! I have taken on the task of the turkey, traditional stuffing, stuffing balls (always a request!), mashed potatoes, and my turtle pumpkin pie! What is truly exciting is that my younger sister, Melissa has decided that she is going to try her hand at cooking and will be contributing glazed carrots with cranberries, a pumpkin chex mix for snacking, and a caramel apple pie. Needless to say, for twelve people we will have more than enough food!

The Serverware | Well, I have a slight obsession for all white serverware which started with Pampered Chef, Kohls, and Pottery Barn. It has now moved onto the Christmas Tree Shop, and I am constantly picking up new pieces at an extremely affordable price. My newest joy... an all white teapot for $4.00 (after using a 20% OFF coupon!).

My Color Scheme + Decor | So, I completely opted out of the traditional oranges, reds, and browns, and went more with a green and brown paisley pattern from Waverly. I was able to pick up matching table linens as well from the Christmas Tree Shop (its my new favorite place!). I decided to decorate with glass cylinder vases staggered at different heights with pinecones, green apples, and pears! My best investment were these white pumpkins that I will use at each place setting with green napkins. I believe they are going to look fabulous :)

My Turkey | They say that you should plan on 1 1/4lb of turkey for each guest that you have and I plan on hosting for twelve. With this calculation I should have purchased a 15lb turkey, but since I was looking for leftovers, I went ahead with a 20lb frozen turkey. Yes, it is in the refrigerator thawing out. My mother actually called me today to check on that! I was extremely excited the last time I spoke with Lisa from Williams Sonoma. She was extremely helpful on planning for my first Thanksgiving and tips on brining my turkey. I planned on making my stop into the store this week, however, after shopping at my local Giant store, I was able to find a similar Apple & Sage Brine mix for only $3.50 on sale. How could I pass it up? I did however, make my stop in to Williams Sonoma and picked up my Fig Jam, which paired exceptionally well with goat cheese crumbles on crackers during a soiree earlier this week! I did not realize how unprepared I was for my first turkey until I realized all of the necessary items I was missing. What could I live without when roasting my turkey? Here is a list of what I purchased and what I did without.
  • Turkey Roasting Pan (purchased)
  • Turkey Roasting Rack/Lifter (purchased)
  • Sharp Carving Knife and Fork (own)
  • Cheesecloth (chose to live without)
  • Carving Board (own)
  • Turkey Platter (own)
  • Bulb Baster (own)
  • Flavor Injector (chose to live without)
  • Brining Bags (purchased)
  • Wooden Spoon (own)
  • Flat Whisk (own)
  • Gravy Separator (chose to live without)
  • Thermometer (own)
  • Linen Twine (purchased)
  • Trussing Needles (chose to live without)
  • Gravy Boat (own)
  • Liquid Measuring Cups (own)
  • Saucepans (own)
  • Fine-Mesh Sieve (no idea - chose to live without!)

Check back later for tips on roasting your turkey!

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