Monday, November 14, 2011

Dresses + Cardigans = Toastie!

The temperatures are slowly dropping here on the east coast and what better way to add a little pop of color to your bridal style with a cardigan (plus it will keep you or your bridal party toastie during those chilly spring and fall evenings!) This is such a chic way to add a feminine, flirty, yet casual feel to your wedding day and to incorporate your wedding colors. Can't get past the idea of wearing a cardigan during your ceremony? Consider adding this accessory after your ceremony and once you have finished with the formal family pictures. Include these in your playful pictures of just the bride and groom, or even with your gals! Thinking  of including your bridesmaids into the mix? Well here at LovelyGirls, we think it works best  if you use the same style cardigan for bridesmaids who are wearing different dresses, or vice versa; if the bridesmaids are all wearing the same style dress then have suggest they get different style cardis in the same color (with specifications of course i.e. length). This will provide texture and depth to your pictures!

If you are looking for options, you can pretty much find cardigans anywhere and everywhere at your local retailers, but we just love the cardis offered by J.Crew. The "jackie" cardigan is our favorite and it comes in a range of eight to ten colors every season. Right now we are crushing on the burnished olive and the pacific color. If you think it breaks the budget just a little, you can also find similar styles at Target, but the color selection might be somewhat limiting. You can even check out Forever 21 or H+M (even for some leopard print styles!).

Friday, November 11, 2011

Vie by Cescaphe: Un-VIE-led!

Just the evening before, the LovelyGirls team had the opportunity to attend the Vie  by Cescaphe showcase and catch up with the gals from Beautiful Blooms. One word. Stunning. And of course here are a few more... beautiful, elegant, modern, tasteful, and every bit of a venue that we thought it might be. The Cescaphe Event group has outdone thsemselves again. Liza and I are so fortunate to have been given the opportunity by our lovely couple, Eneida and Jason, to work there next June! Vie is located at 600 N. Broad St in Philadelphia. Did we mention that the venue can accommodate up to 600 guests? Must be something special with the number 600!

The decor that evening was brilliantly done by the Beautiful Blooms team and no detail went unturned. The venue was set for 225 guests with a mix of rounds, long family style tables, and a sweetheart table (that we will spill the secrets on later). The white chiviari chairs and black cushions (however, could have easily have been navy blue) contrasting against the gray silk linens, mirrored vases, candlelight, and  layers of  multiple height centerpieces adorned with white textures of hydrangea, orchids, peonies, and garden roses only rose to the occasion of the floor length drapery and white chandeliers.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the perfect duo: kraft paper + bakers twine

Do you remember the days when youwould go to the grocery store and they would ask you if you wanted paper orplastic? Well, I do, and I am thirty. I cannot imagine that many of you are toofar behind me, but if so bare with me! Well those paper bags that they used tobag our groceries are what many brides and couples are now using for their invitations; it’s called kraft paper. They tend to use more of a stock for theinvitations, but none the less, it is a brown paper and I am in love for its many uses: invitations, escort cards, packaging, favors, gift tags, and etc. We adore its vintage, shabby chic, and romantic feel that it brings to weddings worldwide. Most of the fonts are done in whites, metallics, or black for visibility. We just are just loving the white fonts paired with hints of lace. 

Once you have designed your invitation set add a touch of whimsy with bakers twine. Bakers twine is no longer just for deciphering between "regular" and "no sugar added" treats from your local bakery or grocery store. Leftovers?  You can use any remaining bakers twine by hanging your escort cards, bookmarks, save-the-dates, favors, and packaging your bridal gifts that will become an instant hit that your guests will never want to open. We heart the bakers twine because it is available in array of colors and it helps to easily tie (get it?) in your wedding colors and theme with your stationery. You can find suppliers of kraft paper invitations, rolls of kraft paper,  and bakers twine on Etsy; most notably our favorite shop for bakers twine is the Twinery because they are a Philadelphia based company, and being as we are based in Delaware, we like to keep things local. We also love customer calligrapher Rachel Carl on Etsy as well. Decided to wrap your gifts in kraft paper? Next time you visit your local grocer, ask them for paper bags. They may look at you funny, but at least they would be free!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Metallic Pumpkins: Chevron + Gold

Im super in love with shades of gold and chevron patterns right now, and have been working them into my home over this past year. It came to no surprise to me when I started pinning metallic pumpkins on Pinterest when the fall season was approaching, so I guess you could say this was a Pinterest challenge of my own, but technically it was out of holiday laziness and decor friendliness!

My family actually went pumpkin picking a little late in the season this year... only a couple of weekends ago. But, my thoughts were clear... pick late and let them be used as double duty for Halloween and as close as I can get them to Thanksgiving. So far, so good! I picked out pumpkins,  birdhouse gourds, mini pumpkins, gourds, and cinderalla pumpkins (the white/ivory ones). I went for different sizes and types!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Babys Breath... a Wedding Budget Dream!

Boutonniere by LovelyGirls Events and photo by Sanderson Images

And a dream they are! When it’s come to wedding flowers, baby’s breath might just be the new carnation this past wedding season. Like carnations, baby’s breath is not exactly glamorous, but has a lovely fragrant scent. This seasonless flower available all year long has a reputation for being a cheapo filler flower, but en masses and monochromatic – stunning! This stand alone flower is now used for wreaths, bouquets, boutonnières, ceremony décor, event décor, and beautifully staged tablescapes. You will find blogs nationwide showcasing this trend that has seem to take over the hearts of the vintage inspired bride.
Just this past fall, the event in Philadelphia used baby’s breath throughout the event; staged in beautiful urns on pedestals and on small cocktail tables as centerpieces! At around $4.00 for 10 stems (in Delaware), you could get a bouquet and about 3-5 boutonnieres for your bridal party. It is a wedding budgets dream! We just used baby’s breath in Jess and Bryans wedding for the boys’ boutonnières and secured them with twine. It was the perfect vintage pairing that the couple was seeking during their fall affair! In the winter, secure pomanders of babys breath above the dance floor in resemblance of snowy clouds... just add a dusting of sparkle with some glitter spray and you could also place bundles of baby’s breath in birch sleeves for the perfect wintry feel!
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