Friday, December 31, 2010

DIY: Tinsel New Year's Number Banner

Got a little extra time between say now and midnight? Well these sparkly tinsel garlands make flashy party decor for New Year's Eve!

Don't pack up the Christmas decorations before you ring in the New Year. Sparkly tinsel garlands make flashy party decor. Here's how to turn the countdown into a glittery affair.

Make a Number Banner
Download the Martha Stewart "2011" template and print onto card stock. Cut out, and punch 2 small holes at the top of each numeral. String numbers onto a 2-yard length of ribbon. Use a hot-glue gun to attach a length of tinsel garland to each number, snipping ends. Hang with thumbtacks.

Read more at Tinsel New Year's Number Banner - Martha Stewart Crafts

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Currently Loving: Confetti Systems!

ahh, Holiday windows! Full of sugar, spice, and most everything nice! They sparkle, twinkle, and inspire delight. Have you seen J.Crew's delicious displays? They are masterminded by the talented team of Confetti System and make me want to pop a bottle in celebration of all the eye candy to behold!  I was first introduced to these pinatas and garlands in the J.Crew Holiday 2011 display windows at the Christiana Mall in Newark, DE... and I just thought they were amazing!  Its a sea of tinsil, snow, glitter and piñatas! I must admit that while the windows feel much more like New Years than Christmas, I find them quite refreshing. The color palate is not typical for J.Crew, and I love that they are taking chances and mixing it up. However, I am a little sad that they took them down before the NYE festivities.  P.S. It is a good thing we were able to snag a few of these for our own personal use :)

Confetti System has designed a modern collection of handmade piñatas ($140) created from shreds of mylar (metalized plastic sheeting) that are sleek enough to double as party decor, so let the kids have their papier-mâché.

Available in a range of metallics including silver, gold and quartz, the piñatas would add sparkle to any festive event especially New Year’s Eve.  Although they may seem to pretty to hit with a stick, the piñatas are filled with handmade confetti for those that choose to break them open.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Office Furniture + Decor... coming soon!

So, last week I was telling you about my office remodel, which I am super ecstatic about! A place where I am able to take clients other than meeting them in the hustle and bustle of coffee shops. Truly, I don't mind, however, I thoroughly enjoy putting out a spread of cheese, crackers, and having my own beverage bar available for whatever may quench their thirst! Plus, it will give me a little piece and quiet to work that doesn't consist of working in my dining room and shifting papers around. Seriously, I have a file organizer hiding behind my curtains for when company comes over. Did I mention the neighbors can see it from the outside? Lol. This will make for a nice new addition to my home and I am super excited! I love mixing modern + vintage. I  plan on working off of a neutral wall pallet... more than likely my favorite Benjamin Moore color called Cape Hatteras Sand. Sometimes it looks gray, and other times it looks tan depending on the lighting in the room. The floors will be a nice dark walnut stain on plank flooring. I will be using a lot of white furniture, shelving, and decor and pairing that white with some nice bold floral print accessories and textiles. I did find the neatest thing today on the Urban Outfitters website that was a white textured floral print wallpaper that is paintable. Umm... yes, I will be finding a wall space for that to inhabit. Even it if is only like 5'x 8'! The office will be in my attic so the ceiling is slighting slanted, so I will not be able to hang artwork, however, I will be having several canvases done to display our absolutely stunning brides and details from our weddings and events in which we have worked. Below is an idea of the pieces that I will be purchasing... don't worry, there will be a lot of contrast with the white furniture!

office furniture

From Left to Right:

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

getting ready for a remodel for a new OFFICE!

So the Thanksgiving festivities are all over, and all I can say is that brining a turkey is the way to go! I got an A++ on my first turkey, and I was even told it was better than my future mother in-laws by my fiance. Now that is big doings. She is always the perfect hostess!

Now I am super excited about Christmas, but the only thing I have on my Christmas wish list is to remodel my attic into my own personal office. It is about time to give the dining room back to the family... and with 345 of square feet to work with, I am super inspired, and extremely excited! Close your eyes and just imagine an exposed brick accent wall, white walls (or maybe my personal favorite, Cape Hatteras Sand by Benjamin Moore), exposed ceiling beams, pendant lamp, dark walnut stained plank flooring, white furniture, and textiles of accent colors (to be decided). My only problem is that I have always had extremely expensive taste, but never big enough pockets, so I have always been able to find great pieces curbside, at Target, or even at my extremely furniture friendly place, Ikea! My newest love of white decorative pieces is Z Gallerie... just had to share :) New windows will be installed in my new office in late January, so it looks like I will begin painting after the New Year! Here is a sneak peek at a few decor photos that inspire me, and then in my next post I'll feature some of the pieces I have my eye on to furnish my new fabulous space! To be continued...


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