Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DIY: Photo Booth Wall

Never having been one to walk the straight line, I have always been inspired and intrigued by art, color, floral, and decor; Things that qualify as maybe just a little bit offbeat. When I came across all of these untraditional options for a make shift photo booth for guests at childrens parties and weddings, I could not help but share! How cute are they?  You might find familiar between all of the pictures the IKEA Ung Drill frame all varying in different shades of pink, orange, white, green, and black! We included a really great DIY Photobooth Wall from Ruffled. For $80.00, it might just peak your interest! Next week we will include templates for DIY Mustaches, Lips, Glasses, and etc!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

DIY: Valentines Day Freebies!

I LOVE just enjoying a lazy day of football and just perusing the internet and blogs for inspiration and ideas! This weekend I came across these really cute Valentines Day cards by 74 Lime Lane that were inspired by the WWII "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters!

And then there were these absolutely adorable mini Valentines Day cards by Style Crush that you can pass out to your co-workers or print up for the kiddies and send with them to their local gradeschool classroom! Download the PDF here and make sure to print in landscape mode.

Monday, January 17, 2011

DIY: Picture Frame Dry Erase Board

james wojcik
I am constantly taking mental notes of items I will need from the grocery store as I realize I am running low on something , but often times, I end up forgetting to put it on my list by the end of the week. I can never find a sticky note pad with a pattern that I feel is worth while to invest in, and if I do, I feel the need to buy the entire stock on the shelves. Of course, it will last me a long time, but it reminds me of when you run out of your favorite red lipstick, and just as conveniently your department store has stopped stocking it as well. So, when I came across this great DIY from realsimple.com for a dry erase board, I figured I would share it with you as well. An idea for a pretty dry erase board that serves as wall art when not in use. Now, that is right up my alley! One for the kitchen and one for the office, so how could I say no? I think they will even serve as great christmas gifts for next year, or even to be able to change out seasonally, or as my decor moods change. I will say that the DIY is pretty self explanatory, but I was gracious enough to include instructions :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

DIY: Felt Holly Corsage

For a playful nod to the traditional seasonal/holiday pin, try these cheerful corsages! Do not mistake, these are just not for the holiday season, as they can be used in any winter themed wedding or party.  They're easy enough for a child to make but sophisticated enough for her mom to wear! Once you gather your supplies, it's a snap to make multiple corsages in a single afternoon. You can use an assortment of trimmings: tiny glass ornaments, pom-poms, snipped pieces of tinsel, and velvet and silk ribbons to embellish ours, but you could also use buttons, beads, special fabric you've been saving, or antique milliner flowers found at a flea market.
Step 1
Print the template, and cut out. From a piece of felt, cut one 2 1/2-by-5-inch rectangle for each pair of leaves. Fold rectangle in half lengthwise.

Friday, January 7, 2011

We were a 2011 pick for the Knot Best of Wedding!

Yes, you read that correctly... LovelyGirls Weddings + Events was chosen as a 2011 pick for the Knot Best of Weddings! Honestly, when I received the email from theKnot.com on December 30th I honestly thought it was spam to my inbox. We just wrapped up our first official wedding season with all of our amazing couples, and we did not think it could have gone more amazing, but could we be so fortunate? Turns out we were! It took me a week to make the phone call because I just admired the email from my inbox. Finally I picked up the phone, dialed,  and spoke to JoAnne who represents the Knot in the Philadelphia/Delaware region and she said it was true. Yay! Who are we kidding?!?! We are jumping up and down with joy. Sushi anyone?!

So, to all our brides and couples, we want to THANK YOU! Because of the opportunity you had given our LovelyGirls to create and execute the wedding you had envisioned, in addition to the amazing reviews that you had given us, we could not have done this without you!

Curious to know what our brides and couples are saying? Check out the reviews they are leaving here! Keep a lookout, because theKnot.com will be posting their "Best-of" section on January 21st, and you will be able to find LovelyGirls Weddings + Events listed. 

In the mean time, we are just going to give ourselves a pat on the back. It was an amazing first year, what else can we say?!

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gray + White: Winter Glam Dinner

I have always bee a fan of modern. Modern meets old, modern meets bright, and modern meets rustic. Once, when I was younger, I thought I would really enjoy a log cabin in the middle of a large city, or a brownstone in the middle of the woods. I could never quite find the right explanation. However, in my search for the perfect winter inspiration, I found this great Winter Glam Table on Hostess with the Mostess. Chainlink fabric table runner, silver spray painted succulents, sparkly beaded napkin rings, white grapewood branches (also spray painted), and fluffy white floral arrangements embellished with dusty miller foliage for a festive, wintery vibe.

This "Rustic-meets-Modern" style from Carissa of JL Designs is fantastic (even if it is for a holiday party!). This could so double for a small winter wedding, bridal luncheon, or even a chic bridal or baby shower! Did we mention that this is very D-I-Y friendly?

“I found the gray & white chain link patterned fabric in the garment district in downtown LA. The silver “flowers” are actually succulents that I spray painted silver! Great diy idea for new years! I did something similar in gold for this Martha Stewart photo shoot – it’s super cheap & easy and adds that instant touch of glam to a party! I also spray painted grapewood branches white and accented them w/ the silver succulents." - Carrissa from JL Designs

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 FREE Printable Calendars!

Start 2011 off organized with these fresh, free, printable calendars! We all know that a new year is a fresh start to stay organized for upcoming dinner parties, appointments, work obligations, and future brides + grooms! Thanks to RedStamp.com for these FREE printable calendars in 5 different styles!

We will be choosing the Multi-colored Modern Typography and the Preppy Chevron in Navy + Coral to be used around our office! We will be printing these up on cardstock to frame them or just to place in a clear acryclic easel stand for easy referencing.

Click here to download your calendar of choice from RedStamp.com! They easily print on an 8.5X11″ piece of paper or cardstock. Frame on your desk or hang on your wall for a stylish calendar!

nicole brennan  .  302.545.0412  .  nicole@lovelygirlsevents.com  .  wilmington
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